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Joyce Louison and the New Thought Movement UK

The New Thought Movement UK

On March 8th 2014, Joyce Louison, founder of The New Thought Movement UK decided to write a book about her life. For while she was experiencing a low point in her life. After she began writing she realised the book could help someone who is having the same experience. Click here to buy Joyce’s book.


Why Joyce founded The New Thought Movement UK

Joyce not only became a writer but also a motivational speaker and performer. She also began a movement and dedicated her life to ” teaching women how to use the power of their thought to change their lives; create better relationships, improve their physical and mental health, and create wealth and success in their lives. It is my vision that we can change the world by changing ourselves.”



More about Joyce & The Movement

New Thought Movement UK, is a spiritual movement. Joyce is based in Bangor NI but supplies to any location as much of her business is online. She meets women who want to transform their parental, love and platonic relationships. Joyce does this through teaching the power if thought and how to control them to direct them to create the life her customers dream. Her customers can do this through her bespoke ‘ Think Yourself Phenomenal Life’ coaching system. She also runs meditation and mindfulness workshops along with various natural healing therapies.


Joyce Louison


When asked what she loves about her job, Joyce said; ” I love to see the impact on society through what I do. I love to help people, motivate them, encourage them, help them achieve their relationship, health and wealth goals.” Her ideal customer is women who have tried everything that fails and are looking for something different and new.

Joyce joined “Mum’s At Work” after hearing about it through Facebook. When giving advice to others starting their own business she says; “Do not be afraid. Fear is the enemy of success.” Joyce also believes you have just as much of a right as anyone else in the world to do exactly what you desire in your life.

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