How did Dawn Phillips become successful?

We asked Dawn Phillips about her business journey and how she helps others. Below is her story.

When I truly became one with my purpose in life, I realize that it is to help people around me and those who need my assistance.

I am a woman who offers Life/Health and Wellness Coaching as well as Mindfulness Meditation. I offer online workbooks and 90-day packages. I take people through a total transformation process to improve their overall well-being.
My eagerness to assist individuals in transforming themselves into the person they have always wanted to be is one of the top priorities that I have in mind.


Dawn’s Conscious Living & Lifestyle Coaching

As a dedicated entrepreneur, I combine personal life experiences with education because I have obtained to give my clients a genuine coaching experience.
My advice to those businesswomen who are kick-starting their businesses is to have lots and lots of patience.
People have known me and my services Online and by word of mouth.

The greatest challenge that I’ve encountered in establishing the business that I have right now is building my clientele during a time when so many people are strapped financially.
And if there’s a challenge, for sure there is an achievement. My greatest achievement so far is fully launching my coaching business in 2021 and the development of my new business platform.

What I am doing during my free time is to relax, spend time with my family and ride my motorcycle.

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