Mums at Work Awards

Blooper of the Year Award

It was no surprise that I would be awarded with a blooper prize for all the mistakes I make with spellings, dates, and not being able to work simple equipment etc and yes, I did stand in front of the screen 

On the plus side, I received a lovely gift hamper fromMaureen Thompson – Holywood Independent Scentsy Consultant

Sinead Norton (Mums at Work) being presented her prize by Lynsey Bennett of Lusso Tan. The Prize was a Scentsy Hamper courtesy of Maureen Thompson
Sinead Norton (Mums at Work) being presented with a Scentsy Hamper, courtesy of Maureen Thompson – presented by Lynsey Bennett of Lusso Tan 

Member with Most Unique Product 

Most Unique Product went to Trish Rogers (Trish Rogers Originals) and her prize was sponsored by Trish O’ Hara The Acupuncture Loft – One nominee said “Trish is so talented! Her use of reclaimed slate and Irish bog oak and the things that she produces with these materials is so unique.”

Other Nominees were:

Louise Morrow (Jasmine & Lily)
“Absolutely love Louises creations – I havent been lucky enough to purchase one yet but its definitely on my list!”

Sharon Mccrea (Sweet Escape Products)
“I love Sharon’s unique names for her soaps.”

Meta Auden (Spectra Sensory Clothing)
“Meta has recognized the need for these items based on her personal knowledge. It is revolutionary for some parents.”

Catriona Briggs Evans (H’Evans Truffles)
“Emotionally bespoke chocolates.. need I say more.”

Helen Hancock (Breastbowl)
“Totally Blown away by the infusion of breast milk into blown glass. So original”

Devon Manning (Precious Placentas)
“The first time I heard about this service was in the group and I haven’t been able to stop telling everyone about it ever since.”

Colleen McCormack Murtagh (Mystical Memories)
“Such a fab idea to hire the horse out and to create an income out of a hobby.”

Kirsty McNaughton (Fearless Affirmations)
“I love Kirsty’s wee inspirational cards. I read mine every day.”

Sharon McCabe Kerr (Poise & Presents)
“I love when Sharon posts new creations in the group. So Talented”

Fiona Brazill (Hap Sensory Blankets)
“Fiona knits through all the events. It’s so relaxing to watch. Then we realised it was cotton and not wool and the blankets were weighted. Every home needs one.”

Emir Lervy (A Chiropractic Touch)
“Emir is a breathe of fresh air with her natural approach and the way she explains her services.”

Fiona McToal (Fee McToal Millinery)
“Fiona’s Facebook is FULL of delightful new and colourful creations. She really has a talent for the original headpiece.”

Laura Linter (Two Little Words)
“I recently met Laura and viewed her stationery and her hand drawn images. So original.”

Orlagh Kelly (Happy Ever Vintage)
“After meeting Orlagh at the first event, I have been watching her Facebook and her range of talents are amazing, from room dressing to flowers and headpieces, everything bespoke”

Marie Nancarrow (Titanic Denim)
“Marie creates unique bespoke items from reclaimed denim and only makes one of any piece of clothing and everything is original. Talented and artistic lady.”

Caroline Victoria (CH Design)
“Caroline’s wall mural blew me away. All free hand drawn.”

Jil Peterson (The Stables Flower Co)
“I have been following Jil since the Coleraine event and am in awe of the ladies floral creations.”

Lisa Brown (Cloverhill Ceramics)
“Loved Lisa’s ghosts”

Sharron Mchugh (Molly & Me)
“Love these candles. never can resist buying one!”

Laura Smith (Lola S)
“I Love Lola S and all the sparkle and personalised products”

Trish Rogers receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett of Lusso Tan
Prize sponsored by The Acupuncture Loft Belfast
Finalists of Most Unique Product or Service

Best Live Video 

Live Videos really terrify us but we had a live video challenge to raise money for Leap for Luke, a charity founded by our member Claire O’Hanlon (Luke is Claire’s son)

Winner of our Best Live Video was Briege Price (Price Insurance)
One of her nominees said
“Very personal and touching live video about her insurance business which struck a cord with me”

Briege received a lovely wreath as a prize, sponsored by Louise Morrow Jasmine & Lily Floral Wreaths

Finalists present Catriona Briggs Evans, me and Eve Beattie

Eve Beattie (Eve Va)
“She did such a great job in something she hated doing – came across very well and so likeable.”

Catriona Briggs Evans (H’Evans Truffles)
“Catriona just jumped on to tell us all about her and her business and came across as likeable and natural.”

Other Nominees included 
Christina Dickson (Norwex Consultant)
“Her recent Live video about cleaning butter and fingerprints of patio doors really got me interested. I’m now a Norwex fan.”

Trish O’ Hara (The Acupuncture Loft)
“Trish has gone from resisting and avoiding posting video and live video, to doing it on a regular basis. Her personality really shines in her videos and they are always inspirational and helpful.”

Jo-Ann Smyth (Evolution Graphic Design)
“Jo-Ann impressed me with her effort to post a live video even though it was out of her comfort zone.”

Claire Hackett “Claire’s video was very passionate about what she believes in and was brilliant for trying to get people to become involved in her cause.”

Fiona McToal (Fee McToal Millinery)
“I loved Fiona’s video as it showed her personality, her work area and was just so natural.”

Orla Tennyson (Wealth Management)
“Orla’s video was very brave, one of the first and she just went out and out herself out there.”

Jennifer Murray (Awaken Potential Tutoring)
“I loved Jennifer’s video telling us about how she helps children gain confidence. Her passion for her work really shone through.”

Sharon Bingham (Rainbow Therapies)
“Sharon came across as very natural in her video and was very confident in telling us about her great service”

Bernie O Neill (Perfect Day Bridal)
“Bernie has become a pro at Live Video even though originally she hated to be on camera herself at all.”

All Videos can be viewed in the Video tab in the group

Briege Price Receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett
Other Nominees for Best Live Video 

Best Dressed on the Night

Presenting the winner of Best Dressed on the Night, Olga McAteer (McAteer Solutions)

Winner was chosen by Tullyglass staff. Everyone turned out well and I wouldn’t have been able to choose!

Olga was presented with a voucher from Iris Rowntree Style By Iris

Olga McAteer, wearing her dress made by fellow MAW Member Sinead McLarnon
Lynsey Bennett presenting award sponsored by Style by Iris

Most Enthusiastic Saleswoman 

Most Enthusiastic Saleswoman was won by Briege Price although I have to say there were very close runner ups.

Nominee said “Briege delivers the service without the hard sell, matching her products to your needs.”

Other Nominees:
Denize McKeown (My Glamourous Friend)
“Denize arrives with her wares to every event and sets up a instant stall with such professionalism and ease. A Born sales woman.”

Monika Chrzastek ( Makeupbymonika and monat hair)
“I met Monika at a coffee morning and her pride in her product is so clear to see, she comes across as so genuine and importantly authorative in her specialism. She could easily have spent hours explaining the benefits of her product and I could have listened as it wasn’t in your face sales – it was from the heart. She is also a walking advertisement for her products and that won me over. She is true to herself and her business and I cannot wait to see where she goes from her.”

Sarah Gallagher (My Omagh / Precious Pumps)
“Sarah is a sales dynamo, she is constantly plugging away, interacting with her followers, clients and potential customers without being pushy or aggressive. Sarah’s lovely warm caring personality, charm and ability to keep coming up with brilliant ideas to get her business noticed is why I think she’s so good at what she does.”

Sinead Norton (Mums at Work)
“Sinead could sell snow to eskimos!! 
A lady that truly knows her own worth through years of experience I believe that she has got such a unique skill for engaging and encouraging others to really believe in themselves and that they are worth it! Now that’s sales on another level entirely!!!! Make sure this nomination makes the final voting Mrs Norton”

Christina Dickson (Norwex Consultant)
“Has such a passion for what she sells”

Trish O’ Hara (The Acupuncture Loft)
It is obvious from Trish’s posts, blogs and videos that she is so passionate about what she does. She is not pushy about selling her product, I think her enthusiasm for what she does and her belief in the difference she makes sells itself.

Pamela Kennedy (International Beauty Salon)
“Pamela sells from the heart with a passion for sugaring, comfortea and collagan shots. She is an infectious person.”

Marie Walker (MyClubStuff)
“Marie has been wonderful with completing my small order but helping me think about my brand and what I need. Totally recommend.”

Geraldine Leyden (Serenity Ten)
“A genuinely lovely lady with a passion for fashion and an eye for detail.”

Karen Sufferin (Wellness Coach)
“Karen Sufferin uses her story to sell, a perfect example of attraction marketing. Her Instagram is fantastic.”

Deborah Fitzsimmons (Go2Educate)
“Deborah has a passion for her new business to help raise funding for schools and to give local businesses a platform to reach the local community.”

Maureen Thompson (Scentsy)
“Maureen is a natural salesperson who’s products are amazing.Her customer service is fantastic and she is very easy to deal with.”

Kelly-Anne Flynn (Blogger)
“I love Kelly-Anne use of testimonials and motivational quotes to tell the story of her products. She has a high vibe that is easy to watch is is great fun to follow.”

Marie Shaw (Health Coach)
“Before and after pictures are the best sales tool this lady has with a passion for her products and the success of her clients.”

Briege Price – Price Insurance receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett from Lusso Tan 
Other Finalists for Most Enthusiastic Saleswoman 

Most Glamourous Member 

Winner of most Glamorous Member was Denize McKeown My Glamorous Friend and her prize was sponsored by Fiona McToal Fee McToal Millinery

A nominee said “Both Glamourous and passionate about her products, Denize is a walking advertisement for her brand.”

Also Photographed is 
Johanna Scullion (The HR Doc Shop
“Johanna is always turned out so well and looks ready for the press.”

Lynsey Bennett (Lusso Tan)
“Lynsey looks so glam and in control – a real model business mum.”

Other Nominees were

Louise Carey (Louise Carey Arbonne)
“Louise always looks so wonderful – terrific hair!”

Iris Rowntree (Style by Iris)
“Iris looks great – it is clear she knows her colours and style.”

Ruth Miller (The Swan Doctor)
“Ruth is both glamorous and quietly confident.”

Samara Prentice (Evolve by Samara)
“I met Samara at a coffee morning and she arrived looking lovely and glamorous and she told us all about her shopping experience and it sounded amazing!”

Diane Hoey Corcoran (Diane’s Dresser)
“I watched Diane’s videos on her Facebook page and love her style.”

Denise James (Duo Hair & Beauty)
“beautiful person, inside and out.”

Debbie McKernon (lilybee by Debbie)
“I have only met Debbie once but she was beautiful and very glamorous”

Kelly-Anne Flynn (Blogger)
“I love watching Kelly-Anne on her facebook videos and love the way she is the face of her brand, empowering women to take control of their dreams.”

Denize McKeown receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett of Lusso Tan
Denize McKeown, Lynsey Bennett, and Johanna Scullion

Most Humourous Member 

It wasn’t a surprise that Queen of GIFs Sharon Mccrea won most humourous member and the prize was sponsored by Emir Lervy A Chiropractic Touch Family Practice Omagh

One nominee said:
“I love her sense of humour and by far the best at using gifs”

Other Nominees

Carrie-Anne Elizabeth Hunter (Koala Bear Lady)
“Carrie-Anne is sooooo lovely, im not sure she even knows how she makes me smile when she talks, her sense of humour is just right :)”

Pamela Kennedy (International Beauty)
“Pamela Kennedy hosted a coffee morning that had me giggling to myself 4 hours later. Was a great day out.”

Anna MacAuley (The Savvy Retailer)
“Anna gave a presentation that was witty and funny and down to earth. I felt connected to her as she was keeping it real.”

Meta Auden (Spectra Sensory Clothing)
“Meta regular witty posts and ability to laugh at life and see the lighter side of things is infectious and a great tonic.”

Edel Allen (Edel Allen Business Support)
“For sure she always makes me giggle. She is so self effacing and funny that I always look forward to seeing her at events cause you know you will come away having had a good laugh.”

Briege Price (Price Insurance)
“Her posts and comments always make me smile in the group. A larger than life character.”

Sharon McCrea receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett
Humourous Member Finalists

Business with the Most Growth 

Most Business Growth went to Catriona Corrigan Divine Photography

Well done, her prize was sponsored by Catriona Briggs Evans and H’evans Truffles

Nominee said “It has been fantastic to watch Catriona develop her products and services through portrait and family photography and weddings and to watch the opening of her new studio.”

Other nominees were

Bronagh Duffin (Bakehouse)
“Bronagh Duffin established Bakehouse less than 12 months ago after taking the corrageous decision to give up a full time nursing career to follow her passion for cooking.
Since startup Bakehouse continues to deliver award winning recreational cookery courses for amateurs at every level of proficiency.Bakehouse has gone from strength to strength from start of 2018. Investing in a new state of art cookery premises which will open in early 2019 and adding additional services.

Briege Price (Price Insurance)
“Good honest advice and total integrity – not about the sale but about matching the right product to your needs.”

Louise Morrow (Jasmine & Lily)
“From working with Louise i know how much hard work and dedication she has put into her business since starting earlier this year. She has been passionate and shown in her ability to not only establish a successful business but her ability to create a diverse range of designs in our wreath products.
I am particularly impressed by her passion for learning and ability to approach new challenges in the business to keep developing. For example developing her social media strategy. She is focused on customer service and should be highly commended for her skills.”

Meta Auden (Sensory Spectra Clothing)
“Meta is a hard working lady with a great product. It has been great to watch her grown and expand and to know where her customers and market is.”

Emma Doherty (Elite Aesthetics Clinic)
“Emma is one the most hard working ladies I know , she always has time to spend with you, despite being one of the best in the industry , she humble and kind she radiates a genuine sense of warm and integrity which is so refreshing , I look forward to my monthly appointments with this beautiful lady. Emma was commended last in 2017 at the London aesthetic awards for the best clinic in Ireland and this year she is a finalist again. However she remains very humble with all her accolades and feels blessed as she work with such an inspirational beautiful woman – her mum .The secret to her success is an excellent work ethic, instilled in her by my parents . Emma works extremely hard, setting a positive example to my sons , she stays focused on elite in what can be an extremely cut throat industry , she doesn’t engage in the price wars and stay true to her craft , Emma is a strong honest business woman with genuine integrity , that believe you do good, you get good 2018 has been an amazing year for Emma and her business & is excited for the next chapter in elite’s journey.”

Dana Patterson (DP Medi Spa)
“Dana’s business is growing rapidly and always adapting to customers trends and needs.”

Kim Constable (The Sculpted Vegan)
“Kim is great to watch on Instagram. I am astounded by her enthusiasm and the way she launches her online courses.”

Mary Burke Mcgonigle (Bluebird & Me)
“Delighted to see that Mary is expanding and growing on high street retail.”

Catriona Corrigan, Divine Photography, receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett

Our other finalists for Members with the Best Growth

Best Guest Speaker

Mums at Work has searched this year for the best of the best real down to earth guest speakers to inspire you all, no matter which industry you are in. I have tried to find people at different points on the path. All our guest speakers were fantastic.

Our Best Guest Speaker award went to Brigid Duggan from BD Consultancy who spoke at both our Portglenone event and 300 seconds. Her prize was sponsored by Marie Walker Myclubstuff

Her nominee said: “Brigid delivered a highly informative presentation and inspired the members to never give up. Brigid uses her expertise to help other business owners.”

The rest of the nominees were
Catherine MacKenzie (Catherine MacKenzie Photography)
“An Inspiring story of how a career began out of a dark time and a urge to prove others wrong. Had me cheering and in tears.”

Caroline Oneilll (Digg Childrenswear)
“I am so inspired by Caroline’s business drive and her ability to communicate via snapchat and instagram to her customers and her drive to make her dad proud.”

Ursula Murphy (ohh social)
“Ursula was great at telling the story of how to create your brand and why it is so important to be in trend.”

Kim Constable (The Sculpted Vegan)
“I loved Kim’s presentation on being real – that you can fail but you keep trying and to treat your business like a business.”

Joanie O’Hanlon (A Shake a day)
“Joanie provided the audience with 10 top tips for business mums and she kept it real.”

Kerri Lynn Weir (Keris Weir Hair)
“Keris’s story was funny, sad and inspirational all at once. I loved it, the fact she had been on TV but wanted to build her brand right here in Northern Ireland.”

Sonya McAllister (WST)
“Sonya’s story was really brilliant. I could really see that she has a successful business because she cares about her customers.”

Anna Macaulay (The Savvy Retailer)
“Anna was witty and helpful at once. She was real and authentic.”

Emma Louise McCrory (Author)
“I was really struck by Emma’s story and how she brought up her brothers and how she had a passion for writing. I feel angry with her, sad with her and delighted for her success.”

Claire O’Hanlon (Leap for Luke)
“Claire is such a gentle soul and speaks from the heart. Her story about Luke’s journey really touched my heart and I offered to capture some memories for her of her boys. They were so full of fun and it was a joy to watch her with them. The most loving & selfless Mum. She had everyone in tears with the reality of what she deals with everyday – a true inspiration”

Ciara Moore (Calm)
“I saw Ciara speak in the Randalstown event, it was her first public speaking event and she was amazing. The reason I have nominated her is because she was so obviously nervous, anxious and completely out of her comfort zone being in front of the room. How do I know? Because she told us 🙂 I loved that. She came across as so authentic and her own story was just so captivating. The longer she spoke the more she relaxed and it was wonderful to witness that transformation right in front of our eyes. Over the last 20 years in business I have sat through many a “guest speaker” some famous and many at the top of their game. But they are professionals. As a trainer, I know how much courage and – lets be honest healthy dose of crazy – to put yourself so far out of your comfort zone because you have a message to share. Ciara wins hands down for me.”

Nicola Quinn (Innotech Centre)
“Very interesting talk about what help is out there for small to medium sized NI based businesses.”

Sarah Bryden (Sarah Bryden Photography)
“Sarah spoke straight from the heart and was so open, genuine and honest about her personal and professional journey, it really struck a cord with me.”

Carrie-Anne Elizabeth Hunter (The Koala Bear Lady)
“So inspiring to listen to. If I close my eyes I think I am listening to Rebel Wilson lol!! Her voice is mesmerising but more than that – she has such empathy with her audience no Matter who it is that when she is speaking you are nodding away and almost feel like standing up and going ‘hell yeah’!!!!!”

Angela Bonnar Hypnotherapy 
“She was so interesting and informative.”

Geri Martin (The Chocolate Manor)
“Geri kept it real, telling her story and real life struggles and giving fantastic advice to the audience”

Arlene Gill (Girlyinspocorner)
“Arlene was able to connect with us as if she was just talking to a group of friends. She had no idea how inspiring she was. She was a breath of fresh air.”

Catriona Jones (Coaching)
“Catriona Jones really knows how to speak to a room. Her voice was mesmerising.”

Kelly Neill (Panacea Drinks)
“I found Kelly to be the most honest speaker telling us that it is not worth suffering in stress. Her advice was real, her story was real and she was witty as well.”

Petra Wolsey (The Beannchor Group)
“A truly inspirational story.We assume that established brands were always successful – it was great to hear the story of building a brand, the failures and successes so that we can aspire to be a big brand ourselves.

Brigid Duggan from BD Consultancy receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett
Finalists of Best Guest Speaker

Biggest Transformation

I thought I would probably cry watching Ciara Moore receive this prize because I feel so proud of her.

I myself suffer from a fear of public speaking and so everytime Ciara decides to go through with it, my stomach clenches and I hold my breathe!

And then, at our 300 seconds event, she gets up, cool as a cucumber and breezes through it. She credits her new confidence to Angela Bonnar Hypnotherapy but whatever it is, she has faced her fear and overcame it.

So I was glad others thought her worthy too of Transformation of the year. Her prize was sponsored by Sharon Mccrea Sweet Escape Products

Other Nominees were:

Jolene Flanagan (P McKenna Motors)
“Jolene has really started to come out of her shell.”

Trish O’ Hara (The Acupuncture Loft)
“Trish has really embraced her role in the Invisible Illness Warriors as she tries to help others”

Eve Beattie (Eve VA)
“Eve started her business earlier this year. She has 4 kids at home – 2 in primary and 2 at home!! She is so passionate about what she does and I know from personal experience she is born to organise people’s lives! Like others – putting yourself out there at the start is very scary especially in a business model that might be “new” to many. But Eve has been working consistently at building her brand, providing useful content, keeping us up to date with her progress and just recently “productised” her business by launching her first digital product – a new revenue stream for her business to grow. I also know she has become a local ambassador for new businesses, speaking at St Pius x College as well as for Workspace Enterprises on her journey into self-employment. I think her story reasonates with so many mums out there and I know she is inspiring many to consider following in her footsteps. Watching her bloom into a confident “business owner” has been lovely to see and I can’t wait to see where she goes next.”

Louise Morrow (Jasmine & Lily)
“Louise has transformed her hobby into a full time business.”

Erin Walls (Erin Walls Make Up)
“Erin reinvented her services, has been delivering workshops, introducing her cosmetics and posting tutorials online to attract customers. She gains confidence all the time.”

Noeleen Kelly (Nutrition with Noeleen)
Noeleen has found her confidence after starting her new business and is embracing social media.

Sharon Cassidy (Designer Hats for Hire)
Sharon relaunched designer hats for hire and has been putting her energy into social media and networking, all outside her comfort zone.

Sinéad McCartan (Career Assist)
Sinead has rebranded to help people with their careers and cvs and is helping others by writing about them. She really is fab!

Ciara Moore receiving her award from Lynsey Bennett
Finalists of Biggest Transformation

Start Up of the Year

Winner of Start Up of the Year went to Louise Morrow Jasmine & Lily Floral Wreaths – and it is no surprise as almost every group member has bought a wreath..

Prize sponsored by Patricia Greene The Web Club

Other Nominees
Bronagh Duffin (Bakehouse)
Bronagh Duffin established Bakehouse less than 12 months ago after taking the corrageous decision to give up a full time nursing career to follow her passion for cooking. Since startup Bakehouse continues to deliver award winning recreational cookery courses for amateurs at every level of proficiency.
Bakehouse has gone from strength to strength from start of 2018.

Ciara Magill Lavery (Accounts by Ciara)
Ciara is a fantastic book keeper / accountant who has only started up. She looks after clients and works really hard to help them.

Carrie-Anne Elizabeth Hunter (The Koala Bear Lady)
“I love the way that Carrie-Anne just started her business and was able to engage and help members of the group right away”

Eve Beattie (Eve VA)
Brilliant at what she does and has grown in social media
and developed online product

Sinead Norton Mums at Work
Sinead has grown a community in less than 12 months of thousands of members and has managed to get busy ladies out the door networking and exchanging services and products.

Michelle Bradley (ALC Events)
“Michelle Bradley executed a fantastic event that I attended, the Positive Birth Conference and it was brilliant. Michelle will go far.”

Sinead Campbell (The Art & Design Factory)
“Sinead has taken her love of Art and turned it into her own new business with a range of workshops for differing ages.”

Jennifer Murray (Awaken Potential Tutoring)
“I love Jennifer’s ethos of helping boost children’s self esteem and this is the heart of her tutoring business.”

Franchine Newell Young (Bellebee)
“Franchine’s new product is now my stable beauty product. I have watched from the sample stage to now being ready to launch and wish her all the luck.”

Marie Louise McKendry (Happy Mama NI)
“Having recently being to a Happy Mama event, I can recommend as being a well needed service.”

Emily Joy McCorkell (Lo & Slo)
“Listening to Emily at the Derry event, I was in awe of her BBQ Product and mouth watering ideas.”

Patricia Kearney (Dipping Marvellous)
“Decided to vote for dipping marvellous after hearing her story – Out of trying to get her kids to eat vegetables she found American schools used dips with raw vegetables but Patricia wanted to develop a dip with no salt, preservatives, or sugar and now is in final production stage.”

Louise Morrow Receiving her Award from Lynsey Bennett
Finalists for Start Up of the Year

Most Inspirational Member

Most Inspirational Member sponsored by Claire Feldman Eatology

Winner: Sinead Norton (Mums at Work)
I am honoured that so many of you think I am inspirational but I tend to disagree, thinking you have this confused with organised. I am very overwhelmed by your support although I wanted my votes removed to give the following lovely ladies a chance in their own right. Every one of these members are inspirational. As you can see from the photos I did not expect this but am honoured none the less.

The other truly amazing ladies are:

Ruth Miller-Anderson (The Swan Doctor)
THE most amazing driven lady. Balancing work,home and family life. Always pushing herself way beyond her limits and expectations. One truly amazing Mum.

Cliodhna Fullen (Blogger)
Full of confidence and advice and a pleasure to watch on Instagra.

Joanie O’Hanlon (Joanie O’Hanlon)
Just after having her second baby and her business is going from strength to strength.

Belinda O’Neill (Be Inspired to Be)
I love reading Belinda’s inspirational posts in the group. They cheer up my day. I loved her passion and drive for the hospital room refurbishment which will be a legacy.

Alanna Dubh (Your Life Your Way)
Most inspirational woman and fantastic leader who puts everyone else before herself. Alanna’s story at a coffee morning touched me, how she had a lack in confidence and now she is posting videos daily and her confidence has grown because she as a passion for helping others.

Caroline Corpas-Neale (The Blue Giant Book)
Caroline is originally from Spain and has always wanted to be an author. This year she relalised her dream and published her first children’s book. Which is fantastic!

Emma Doherty (Elite Aesthetics)
Emma and her staff are amazing!!! It’s like going into a family atmosphere… you’re treated like a friend and looked after like a best friend! Welcoming from the minute you enter until you leave. You’re not rushed out the door, they give you their undivided attention at all times and totally deserve to win

Vanessa Ledgewood (Farrah Boutique)
My auntie is inspirational because she works so hard day and night while looking after her amazing family 🙂

Marie Nancarrow (Titanic Denim)
Marie’s business is a genius idea combined with artistic flare, but it’s Marie that drives it on, her determination, passion and vision are only seconded by her utter resilience. Through all manner of personal and work related hurdles, juggling so much single handedly, she has kept going, Marie somehow keeps on pulling things together, staying strong and gathering wins!

Christina Dickson (Norwex Consultant)
Christina sells her products through passion and inspiration. She doesn’t do the hard sell because she doesn’t need to- a combination of loving her prod, believing in them and being able to articulate that in such an engaging way. On top of that she likes and comments on so many posts with encouraging little comments that really help. She does this with everyone and it truly makes a difference to know that someone with her experience is egging you on! So glad I met her through Mum’s at Work because she has helped me so much.

Meta Auden (Spectra Sensory Clothing)
Hard working lady with a great product.

Trish O’ Hara (The Acupuncture Loft)
Trish has shown great resolve and commitment to her invisible illness group. She’s an active member of MAW and strives to inspire

Shauna Gibson (Love the Body you are in)
I have had the pleasure if working with Shauna for a short time and her skills have really already turned my life around. I would reccomend her to anyone struggling with eating/confidence issues

Rosalyn Byrne (Blogger)
Her drive and passion for fashion and make up has led to a phenomenal social media following. She uses that following for good.. encouraging and inspiring not only mums but all followers. She is an amazing inspiration!

Louise Carey (Arbonne)
Louise is always smiling – Always so helpful…friendly and such a busy lady too…yet always looks amazing and has a smile for you

Caroline Victoria (Design)
Caroline is so talented in so many different ways from wall murals, graphic design, stone painting, sketches and more. As a single parent is a true inspiration

Majella Colhoun (Transforming People Academy)
Majella is a fun and genuine lady who has a passion for helping others

Naomi Palmer (Blooming Kids)
Naomi is a supermum running many classses and services in the Mid Ulster area and has won many awards for her business skills. She is an invaluable asset to the mid Ulster community running many free online community groups.

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