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Contact: Natalie Dewhurst
Website: The Incredible Life


Hi, my name is Natalie Dewhurst, I am a mum to 4 boys. I was born and grew up in the South of Manchester where I met my husband. We made the big decision in 2014 to move our family to Northern Ireland.

Special needs has been about of our lives ever since my eldest son was born in 2008. He wasn’t hitting the milestones set, not crawling and walking at the age expected and had a speech delay. We attended a number of appointments including physiotherapy and speech and language therapy. He walked his first steps at 18 months old. He caught up by quite a lot in the first 2 years of primary school. Currently he is going through the process of autism assessment and is in secondary school.

My second son was very different in the way he hit all his physical milestones up to 18 months old and then it seemed he stopped. Again, he started on the road of appointments, when we moved we took him out of the system of appointments in Manchester and into the system of appointments in Northern Ireland.

It’s been and still is a long road. He started in mainstream education and then after being assessed by an educational physiologist, we made the decision to move him to a learning support unit. Since then he was diagnosed with Autism, moderate learning difficulties, speech and language delay to mention a couple of things, the list goes on.
My third son also has learning difficulties and a severe speech delay to name a few things and is currently in a main stream school where he needs extra support. He has a full time classroom assistant and is going through autism assessment.

My fourth and youngest son is a baby. There is an age gap with him and is brothers so it’s like starting again. He has a tongue tie and the plan is for it to be snipped to help with his feeding. In terms of anything such learning difficulties, autism assessment and any help he may or may not need I/we will be there for him and know what to do. For now we are enjoying the baby days again ( including the sleepless nights).

As you can see, I have four very different children with different requirements of education and support. They are why I started My Incredible Life, I’m more than a mum, I’m a carer, an advocate and so much more. This is My Incredible Life supporting mums, dads, carers, disabilities, mental health and most importantly, supporting you.

Starting a health business

If you are thinking about starting a health / fitness / lifestyle related business, below are some top tips to help get you started. In addition, you also will get great advice from other members attending our networking events.

  • Firstly, think about your niche – You will start a health related business because of your own life experience and the problems you encountered and your own personal experience of how to solve them. You realise this information could help many other people.
  • Secondly, if you believe in the solution to these problems and know they can help people, you are personally invested. You are motivated to helping people and have 100% belief in yourself and the product or services
  • Thirdly, don’t forget to set yourself targets, as you are motivated to helping people, you shouldn’t neglect the business end of your business.
  • Lastly, Be authentic. If you are you, speak your customer’s language, you will succeed. People buy from people they like, know and trust – good luck!
  • In conclusion, you can always help others, but you must value your time.

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