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Social Support Service Contact: Katrina Taggart
Cell Phone: 07468616961 Website: website


My name is Katrina, I am the owner and founder of Rose NI Ltd.  We are a new support service based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.  The service was developed and inspired by my incredible grandmother, she is a woman of grace, beauty and generosity.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around 2 years ago.  We knew something was changing with her and as each day went on, we were losing a little something more.  My grandparents were blessed with four children, one of whom was their lovely son, born with special needs.  With them both still caring for him, it was clear, us as a family would need more community-based support services.  No two days were the same and we still experience lots of ups and downs.

Having depended on support services, we experienced inconsistency in the care they both received.  Some were disengaged, others did not know my nanny or my uncle well enough to try ease distress on a bad day.  Although some of their carers were fantastic, we knew they were time-restricted in meeting their mental needs.  We fully understand the need for external resources and the significance in meeting the needs of families and using the right support tools.  We conducted the necessary research and listened to the needs of families.  They too experienced difficulties in accessing support services.  Their stories really resonated with us and we also became inspired by them.

Respite and Resource – Offering Support Effectively

Rose NI Ltd was then established on this basis with our own values engrained throughout our ethos.  Having lots to think about in developing a personalised service, the name required thought and meaning.  If it were not for our grandmother and uncle, we would never fully understand some of the challenges families experience when using support services, particularly those in rural areas.  We thought of some of the prettiest things my grandmother loves.  For each one of her grandchildren that was born, she planted a Rosebush.  We mused around using ROSE as an acronym and with lots of thought we created something special:

Introducing Rose NI Ltd:  Respite and Resource – Offering Support Effectively.

Coincidently, we found other interesting facts about the Rose that was highly relevant to Rose NI and our ethos!

A Rose with seven petals was a symbol of inclusion, universal understanding and order.

The Rose is considered a symbol of balance.  It expresses promise, new beginnings and hope.

In Rome, a wild Rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed.

Rose NI Ltd is also registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC).  All our team members are fully inducted into their role and acquire the necessary training that is required under current legislation.  This ensures everyone is working to the highest possible standards and offers peace of mind to the individuals and families we work with.

Starting a health business

If you are thinking about starting a health / fitness / lifestyle related business, below are some top tips to help get you started. In addition, you also will get great advice from other members attending our networking events.

  • Firstly, think about your niche – You will start a health related business because of your own life experience and the problems you encountered and your own personal experience of how to solve them. You realise this information could help many other people.
  • Secondly, if you believe in the solution to these problems and know they can help people, you are personally invested. You are motivated to helping people and have 100% belief in yourself and the product or services
  • Thirdly, don’t forget to set yourself targets, as you are motivated to helping people, you shouldn’t neglect the business end of your business.
  • Lastly, Be authentic. If you are you, speak your customer’s language, you will succeed. People buy from people they like, know and trust – good luck!
  • In conclusion, you can always help others, but you must value your time.

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