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Contact: Angela Bonnar
Work 4 Drumavoley Road Ballycastle Antrim Cell Phone: tel:07723395548 Website: Angela Bonnar Hypnotherapy

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I am a fully qualified clinical Hypnotherapist based in Ballycastle on Northern Ireland’s stunning North Coast.  I have many years’ experience helping people to make the right choices as a life coach, using NLP and hypnosis.  I am a pioneer of the famous Marisa Peer Method in Northern Ireland.  I love working with people, giving them freedom to live the life they want and empowering them to make changes.  I offer a warm, empathetic approach in a relaxed environment


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Miss Active First
Work DOWN BT23 6HE United Kingdom Cell Phone: 07809624253

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Active First provides Activity Therapy and Health Coaching services across Belfast, North Down and surrounding areas.

Activity Therapy is a growing profession as our ageing population increases. My role is to help a person remain as active as possible for as long as possible, physically, mentally and socially. This can involve a plethora of physical and mental activities delivered either in your home, community centre, care home, hospice or other venue. I predominantly work with senior citizens or people with disabilities but I’m more than happy to help anybody in need.

I provide a personalised and tailored approach to meet your needs, liaising with any other health care professionals that you may already be involved with. This ensures that the most informed and highest quality of activity therapy is provided and integrated into any treatment or care plans.

Activity therapy can cover so many areas, it really does depend on the individual, your current health and what you would like to achieve.
Many people want assistance undertaking physical or social activity. I can facilitate a number of exercises both in the home and outside of the home that incorporate both fine and gross motor skills, resistance and mobility exercises. I can also accompany you on walks, cycles, jogs, dancing, zumba or to other keep fit classes. I can carry out other numerous physical activities in the home ranging from boccia to armchair aerobics to table tennis!
For some, sessions can be as simple as companionship, social and mental activities; being read to, playing board games, jigsaws, playing music, quizzes, or completing puzzles or arts and crafts projects in the comfort of their own home.
Gardening, indoors and outdoors is also a very popular activity that clients like assistance with. Baking is also another very poplar activity and we have great fun baking old favourites and reminiscing. I can assist with purchasing supplies on your behalf or take you to the local garden centre or shop to buy supplies.
I also organise and run various group activities, mainly in community centre or care homes. These can range from bowls tournaments, bingo, tea parties, musical bingo, adapted aerobics, yoga, celebration events, a day in history events/quizzes, music events, coits, quizzes and much more.
If you have a loved one of friend who you think could benefit from activity therapy and companionship please do not hesitate to give me a call.
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Contact: Claire Brennan Clancy
Work 1 Beechgrove Heights Magherafelt BT45 5EF Cell Phone: 07936 506461 Website: Shop with Claire Website: Claire’s Yoga Studio

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Claire is the founder of Claire’s Yoga Studio which she launched in 2014 in her hometown of Magherafelt. Passionate that a Yoga practice is for everyone, Claire left her corporate career and opened the studio to provide Yoga and Holistic Therapies. Classes are available throughout the week for all levels of practitioners in a welcoming, safe and caring space.

Regular Workshops & Private group sessions are also available with Claire providing Yoga locally for Parent & Toddler Groups, Kids Yoga in Schools and Chair Yoga for the Headway Brain Injury Charity. In Autumn 2018 a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with StretchBodyMind commenced at the studio, a first for the area, where Claire Tutors alongside Victoria Cunningahm.

Additionally, Claire is a qualified Active Antenatal Educator through The Daisy Foundation where she delivers weekly women’s only classes and Active Birth Workshops for expectant mums & their birth partners. Claire is also a Holistic Therapist having trained in Baby Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Level1 & Reiki Level 2



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Contact: Deirdre Grant
Work Beechmore 37 Lough Fea Road Cookstown BT809QL Cell Phone: 07974091228

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I’m married to John and I’m a mother of 4 young adults. I am a Yoga Instructor but I’ve had the most wonderful year of highs and lows managing my eldest daughters modelling career. Kate is 20 years old and happens to have Down Syndrome. This doesn’t define her , Kate is Kate. In the World of diversity, Kate brings awareness of inclusion of people with disabilities in a very cut throat industry.the fashion world. She works twice, three times harder as anyone I know in this industry. She strives to do her best and gives 100%. As for me I source work in commercial and catwalk modelling. I manage her calendar, bookings, clothes, media and fashion everything but model. Please support Kate by liking her Instagram account. The more likes she has on this account the more possibility that she’ll get work.
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Health fitness and nutrition Contact: Vicky Neill
Work Marine court Newtownabbey Antrim Belfast BT370FE N Ireland Cell Phone: 07393871082

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Having worked in mainstream gyms part time and full time as a newspaper reporter, life was pretty hectic.

With two young children and even as a trainer the pressure of stepping on to a mainstream gym was extremely intense.

So I took a step back , liaised with both business mentors, my mother with her medical background ( she’s a cancer specialist) and looked for the niche between mainstream gyms and ultimately hospital.

Exhale was born , a private custom built studio that’s entirely private and discreet.

I completed my courses in gp referral and clinical nutrition to help people from every walk of life.

This is a safe space where clients feel they can connect and I can chat to them on a deeper level to get to the root of issues around lifestyle and food.

It also allows me time to write at my own pace in the evenings as working in such a calm environment allows for this.

As a single parent this allows me the luxury of being there when the kids get home and they understand the boundaries between work and respect that.

I have my disaster days like every mum, and although it can be scary when money is short, the rich experience of helping clients to their full potential and being there for my kids far outweighs my bank balance


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Contact: Vicky Neill
Work 1 Marine Court Newtownabbey Cell Phone: 07393871082

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Inspired by my late father who was a wheelchair athlete I have been training from a very young age.

The transition into personal training was an easy choice at it’s not just a job for me it’s a lifestyle and a passion.

I have gained over 13 years Personal Training experience, group training and special populations.
In 2013 I gained my GP referral level 3 and in 2014 my level 4 in clinical nutrition.

I myself competed for the first time last year in PCA, a world class bodybuilding federation.
My ethos is to motivate and encourage those who may feel uncomfortable or self conscious in mainstream gyms. I myself am a single parent and have come back from two c-sections and injury.

Training with me ranges from strength training men to stay at home mums right through to elite athletes or those who wish to compete.

I offer 24:7 support and guarantee results. Check out my social media for more info
Insta vickyneillpt
FB Exhale PT Belfast


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Contact: Karen Sufferin
Work 81 Dromdallagan Draperstown L\’Derry BT45 7EY Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07813 824073 Website: Karen\’s Product Page

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Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach.. Network Marketing Professional.. Piloxing Instructor

Your Health is your Wealth
Six years ago, I was so unhealthy that I barely recognise myself in photos from that time, but health is much more than a size label or a number on the scales!
Hi! My name is Karen Sufferin and I am a wellness coach and promoter with Herbalife Nutrition – 6 years ago, I was an unhappy CAD technician who was 4 dress sizes bigger and about 2 stone heavier!
I stumbled across a product called Formula 1 and I started to use it everyday as my breakfast and within weeks, I felt so great that I decided to get involved as a coach with these amazing products… a few months later, my body was transforming and, best of all, my energy was through the roof!
I now help hundreds of people to feel (and look) incredible, helping them with their nutrition needs right down to digestive and heart health.
I would absolutely love to connect with you – drop me a message and let me know how you feel and what your goals are!
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Contact: Noeleen Kelly
Work Antrim BT41 Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07738 390813 Website: Nutrition with Noeleen

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Noeleen Kelly is an self employed rep with the health and fitness company Isagenix. She became a rep after using the products and they helped her lose weight, feel healthier and have better levels of energy



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Breakthrough transformation Coach Breakthrough hakeath and fitnessHealth and fitness
Cell Phone: 07717051548

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I am a faith minded, lovingly devoted mother,coach, friend , teacher and volunteer.

My passion in life is to give people back to themselves and to the creative beings that we all are.

The work I do is as a Breakthrough transformation coach.

You know how sometimes you know what to do,  why you need to do it, you’re certain it will help you and certain that you don’t want life to be the way it is any more yet you STILL keep on doing the things that take you away from what you want .

Well as a Breakthrough coach, I explain EXACTLY WHY that’s happening in your life, why it’s creating the struggles that are keeping you from your goals, what needs to be done to stop it from happening  and how to do it in the easiest, simplest and fastest way possible.

After all we all want our results to come easier, simpler, faster and more enjoyably don’t we. 

But it’s so frustrating when we know what to do but can’t get ourselves to do it.


As a coaching I help my clients breakthrough the limiting beliefs they have that hold them back so that they can finally start living the dream life they desire .

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The Irish Dance Fitness Class Contact: Christina Woods
Work Glengormley Northern Ireland Website: Reerobics

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ReelRobics was created in 2012 by former Riverdance member and qualified Irish dance teacher, Christina Woods. After giving birth to her son, she wanted to open a dance school, but also continue with her own dancing as well. Christina created the world’s first Irish dance based fitness programme, with lots of added arm movements for a full body workout. The class is suitable for all abilities, from former champion dancers to complete beginners. To date, hundreds of people, across 3 continents, have enjoyed the benefits of fun and fitness through Irish dancing!
Now a proud mother of three, Christina knows the huge impact dance has on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. She is passionate about dance, and honoured she gets to share her enthusiam with others.
Weekly classes are held in Glengormley and workshops continue every month throughout Northern Ireland.
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Eating Pyschology Coach Contact: Shauna Gibson
Work 9 ADELAIDE HOUSE 2 FALCON ROAD BELFAST BT12 6SJ Cell Phone: 07968547456 Website: Shauna Gibson – Eating Pyschology Coach

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I’m Shauna Gibson, if you answered yes to this question I can help you?

I help your work with your mind, emotions, and behaviours when it comes to change

I am an eating psychology coach, I coach on issues relating to food, body and weight issues using psychological tools. I help you transform from the inside out. Are you one of those people who say “I know what to do if I could just do it”, or “if I could get my head sorted in relation to food, body and weight then I would achieve the results I want”. That’s where I come in I help you work with your mind and emotions to have a different result in your body, a different relationship with food.



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Contact: Patricia O’Hara
Work 2 Kingcourt Avenue Belfast BT6 9AN Northern ireland Cell Phone: 07525 419 320 Website: The Acupuncture Loft

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  • Acupuncturist & Acupressure Shiatsu Practitioner 14 years experience
  • Founder The Acupuncture Loft in Belfast
  • Co-founder Portobello Acupuncture Project in Notting Hill, London. An affordable community & teaching clinic that was hugely popular with the local residents.
  • Staff Acupuncturist as part of the Occupational Health Team for Westminster City Council in Victoria, London.
  • Chrohn’s  and Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Advocate
  • ADHD & Mental Health Champion

Here is a wonderful review from one of Trish’s clients below:


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Contact: Catherine Martin
Work Bellaghy Cell Phone: 07923435513

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I coach women on how to use a barbell in the comfort of their own home, my coaching is available online, i also provide meal recipes & live cooking demos, also available mindset adjustments sessions & workshops. This is in particular useful for mums that find it hard to be consistent with their training due to their busy lives, also a perfect way to give those mums confidence, as perhaps they have been away from the fitness industry for too long and either feel lost or simply don’t know where to start.

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