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Furniture & Lighting

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Photo of Ballycastle Climbing Frames ni ltd

Ballycastle Climbing Frames ni ltd

We are a family business in Ballycastle, our mission is to help create play spaces which boast inclusive play for all. I, Nicola am a RGN, my husband Barry is a Carpenter, we live in Ballycastle and have two children.  We are extending our very popular Climbing Frame business  known as Ballycastle Climbing Frames. We are introducing our new Bespoke LIMITLESS RANGE.…

Photo of Evie B Young at Heart

Evie B Young at Heart

A little online shop of children’s vintage finds & antique treasures. Charming, inspiring & delightful are just a few of the words to describe their pieces. Take a peek at the adorable range of children’s vintage pieces – little girls cots, antique prams, trikes, scooters, as well as other delightful bits and bobs.



Photo of Shelley Hollywood

Shelley Hollywood

Managing Director

Photo of Mrs Anne marie Murray

Mrs Anne marie Murray


I’m in my third year as an interior and home furnishings business at my home.

I work with all the major brands in home retail and design to help clients put a look together or complete their look.

We offer excellent customer service and love to see clients returning time and time again.

look forward to being off service.…

Choosing Furniture and lighting for your home or workspace

Choose something unique that means something for you. Make it stand out and reflect your personality. Consider the impression you want to make on guests and visitors to the space. First impressions last.

Think of the colours on the wall and how the furniture looks against them and if the light reflects them. Think about tying the light and wall colour together with the furniture on a theme – eg the ocean, the scenery etc.

Buy what you need and think about what will last you. By purchasing sustainable furniture, you will save money in the long run. Also consider the functionality of the furniture and how it works in the space. Does it suit the purpose of the room and serve you?

Choose between classical or contemporary furniture & lighting – but remember that classical styles don’t age!

Using lights around your room to create the right ambiance. Use them to give light and energy and the right impression. If you are living and working in a space, you want it to feel radiant and bright so you are in a happy space.

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If you have a business that sells home interiors or sources furniture for homes and offices, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear all about your business and your products and services.

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