Free Resources to help you stay organised


  1. Use Trello or kanbanflow to manage your to-do lists and stay organised.

Trello and Kanbanflow are a free online project management tool. It can help organise any project and tell you what’s being working on, who’s working on what and where something is in its process.

Although it has been designed for teams and working on business projects, it can be easily adapted for running those who are running a small business. You can create boards for each business member, the area of the business and manage a detailed to-do lists on each board.

  1. Use Money Dashboard to get a complete picture of your finances in one place

Money Dashboard is a free online personal financial management service in the UK. It allows you to view all of your online financial accounts in one place. You can track them all in one place as well and offers a snapshot of your spending past, present and future though a number of graphs and charts. These graphs and charts can also be customised to your own preference. Stay organised with your finances.

  1. Use Instapaper to capture beneficial information

Instapaper allows your to easily save webpages to read later. The internet is a fantastic resource with useful information on every subject. But it can be overwhelming and easy to forget where you read a piece of advice or information. This way if you see something online that you want to remember to read later, it lets you ‘Save to read later’. Then you can go onto the website or app and see your reading list.

  1. Use to declutter your inbox and stay organised allows you to simply submit your email and password which then scans your inbox to identify every single company who regularly sends you email newsletters. These are gathered into one long list with two options: ‘add to roll up’ (keep) or unsubscribe. This allows your inbox to stay clear and make it easier to find the emails that are actually relevant.

  1. Stay safe with Lastpass

Lastpass is a password manager that not only saves all your passwords for online sites in one place, but also sets secure passwords for your accounts but you only need to remember your Lastpass password. This allows you to stay safe no matter what you are doing online.


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