Meet MyClubStuff Creator, Marie Walker

Marie Walker creator of MyClubStuff supplies branded merchandise for other businesses.

This includes anything a business needs to get noticed such as clothing, business prints and promotional gifts.

This is to help advertise their personal merchandise.

Marie realised that there was a gap in the market for ‘On Demand’ production.

Her concept quickly took off and expanded into branded leisurewear and gifts.

MyClubStuff works through 6 steps.

You begin by selecting the products you want to be customised and they set up your e-commerce website.

After this the products are priced and available on your website. You will then be able to see all of the orders placed.

MyClubStuff will then receive your customers orders and begin customising the items orders.

They are then packaged and shipped and your profits are paid back to you at the end of every week or month.

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Marie Walker - My Club Stuff - MAW VIP Member

Marie Waker, MyClubStuff

Why Marie Walker joined Mums At Work

MyClubStuff and Mums At Work started around the same time and have grown together in many ways. Being a member of Mums At Work has given Marie more confidence in herself and her business. She said, “Having other people in the same position as you has been immeasurable. I joined for the social aspect as I work with my husband so it was nice to get out and meet other people. But it has growing and you have learned from other people. Sinead has been great at making us do things for our business that we wouldn’t usually do. But you don’t make great businesses in your comfort zone, do you?”




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