Meet Freedom Junkie, Lisa Gorman

Lisa Gorman wants to help women like herself who have been dealing with trauma.

She wants to help them get off all medication like anti-depressants.

By doing this she wants to help them see there is another life out there without this medication.

Lisa wants to show clients that life is light and vibrant.

She said, “Life is full of happiness, you just have to look for it.”

Through her coaching, Lisa wants to help clients regain control of their lives.

She wants to help you believe that anything is possible with the right help.

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Lisa Gorman _ MAW VIP Member

Lisa Gorman also featured in the Mums at Work Event magazine

Why Lisa Gorman joined Mums At Work

Lisa recently became a Mums At Work Ambassador for the Lisburn area, after being in the group for quite some time. She explained that her time in the group so far has been brilliant especially during lockdown.  Being in Mums at Work has helped her keep in touch with the other members and reminded her she is not alone. Lisa said, “There are loads of women out there like you, trying to make a business and make money.

But through the Mums At Work Network and its Facebook group, we all help and support each other.”

Lisa’s advice for those starting out in business is “Feel the fear, acknowledge it and then tell it to move on.”



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