Meet Karen Sufferin the Wellness Coach

Karen Sufferin is a Wellness Coach with Herbalife.

She helps people with their energy levels, weight loss, fat loss and sport nutrition.

Karen wants to empower people to live a healthy lifestyle that feels good for them.

Through coaching, Karen was able to help herself.

Karen found a community, a coach and people who cared about how she felt along her journey to a healthier life.

These people helped her focus not just on the weight loss but also on personal development and self care.

This community also introduced her to Herbalife nutritional products that helped her fill the gaps in her diet which allowed her more flexibility and freed up her time.

Karen wrote, “I love giving all that, and more, to my clients.

I love to help women realise that they can be healthy stay healthy and they don’t have to “go hard or go home” when it comes to diet and exercise.

I love sharing what I have learned over the years with my clients and helping them get that much needed balance that they crave and to feel great in themselves at the same time.”

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Why Karen Sufferin joined Mums At Work

Karen joined the Mums At Work network at the beginning.

She loved having the network as a solo entrepreneur. This is because she used to spend time bouncing her ideas off of friends and family but she now has the network for this.

For Karen, MAW has been so supportive and has allowed her to make good connections and friendships.

This has led to more business as the members have spread it through word of mouth to their friends and family.


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