Meet Professional Organiser, Karen Kennedy, owner of Little Boxes

Karen Kennedy - Little Boxes

Little Boxes owner, Karen Kennedy helps people declutter their homes. She does this to help them live a little better by getting rid of things they may not need.

When Karen declutters everything looks and feels nicer and leaves the client feeling lighter.

She explained; “There are people who struggle with organising their homes. No one has ever taught us how to manage a busy home.

So I want to use my knowledge of storage systems and laying things out for a working home.”

Karen put it simply that if everything in your home, has its own home, then it shouldn’t get untidy.

But people sometimes say, ‘My kids just throw their things everywhere!’.

But Karen has a solution for this, give your children somewhere to dump their stuff that is not complicated, and is simple and easy for them. This will give them somewhere to throw their things in a tidy way and make it possible for them to keep on top of.


Why did Karen join Mums At Work

Karen joined Mums At Work after realising she needed help. After joining the group she was able to ask the ladies who have been through the start up stage of the business for advice.

After 6-8 months of having her business, Karen realised she needed someone other than her husband to talk to about her business.

Through the Mums At Work Membership, Karen has increased the visibility of her business online through the challenges set and interaction from other members.

Karen’s advice for anyone starting out in business is to join a group like Mums At Work that understand your needs and will help you.

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