Meet Ieva Dickson from EV Studios

Ivea Dickson EV Studios


Ieva Dickson, of EV Studios is an artist who creates knitwear by hand.

It is her biggest passion and sees herself as a sculptor as many of her pieces are inspired by strong powerful women. The garments that she created empowers this idea and some of them are 3D.

Ieva said, “I said that after my maternity leave finishes that I would go self-employed with my knitted pieces.

I create bespoke pieces including gowns and cardigans from used sweaters and recycle them. Through doing this I realised just how much textile waste there is.

I started out using these things as charity shops gave them away since they are overflowing with clothing donations.”

Ieva’s pieces are all sustainable but different from the sustainable items you see in stores.



Why did Ieva join Mums At Work?

Ieva Dickson had joined other networking groups before to promote EV Studios and attended the events. She felt these were not for her and actually put off joining other groups for a while.

But she then joined Mums At Work and thought “this is different!”

Ieva said Mums At Work is very refreshing and after asking a couple of questions for help as someone who is newly self-employed, she has already seen a big impact on her business.

She is excited to see where things will take her and EV Studios and she loves Mums At Work.


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