Meet Claire Hughes, the founder of Finding Me-Mo

At Finding Me-Mo Claire helps to empowers females to rediscover their purpose and sense of identity.

It is a membership group that has helped with loneliness through events and community.

Claire believes that loneliness is a bigger epidemic that people don’t talk about enough because it is usually associated with losing someone through death.

But she pointed out that in reality, loneliness can be to do with a loss in other ways such as falling out with a friend, breaking up with a partner, or just feeling a loss of identity.

Claire believes that finding a sense of identity and knowing who you are is most important, and relationships with friends or partners is really a bonus in life.

Why Claire joined Mums At Work

Claire realised that starting her own business meant that she no longer had the support that working for a big business has.

So joining Mums At Work allowed her to get support through networking.

Claire also realised that you don’t have to compete – just create. If someone is in the same line of business as you, you can be friends and even collaborate together.

The advice Claire gives women starting their own business is, don’t try and be a man. You don’t have to be hard to succeed.

One of her old managers once called her soft and her response was “Andrex toilet paper – My skills are like that. Soft, strong, long and you never want to be without them.”

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