Meet Christina Dickson, Norwex Consultant

Christina Dickson Norwex Consultant

Christina Dickson is a consultant for Norwex which sells cleaning products. These products are great for the environment and help reduce chemicals in your home.

This is one of the reasons Christina began using and selling Norwex as her children used inhalers and harsh chemicals would make this worse.

But this is not the only reason she began using Norwex, Christina loves a clean and tidy house.

Sadly she suffered painful health problems that made it hard for her to keep this up.

So, after being invited to a Norwex party and seeing a demonstration of the products being used, Christina had to try it out for herself.

The products made it so much easier to clean without carrying around lots of products and causing strain to her body.

Christina began telling her friends and family about the products. So, after ordering the products for them, she was asked to join Norwex through ‘try it, share it’.

She signed up with her favourite 3 items (which were cloths) and held a demonstration at her house.

After this, more people started telling others about the products and she began to build a team.

Christina said, “Honesty, trust and integrity – I love the ethos of the company!”

She also loves the social aspect of Norwex as they hold events with fundraising.

Christina explained that she also gets to choose what to do with her profits, and has given them to charity as well.

Why did Christina join Mums At Work

Christina never used social media until meeting a Mums At Work Member who shown her how to join the group and understand the benefits of social media.

After attending her first coffee morning, she gave out samples of the products. One of the other women shared herself using the products on social media – this made such a big difference to her business.

Christina said; “I could not believe how generous they were. I started to comment and share other peoples business’ too from the Mums At Work group.

The support we are given, the help we are given, the quality of information we are given and the benefits we receive through the VIP Membership has blown me away. It has made a massive impact on my business.

The amount of people that contribute to my business through Mums At Work is something I would have never got without joining the group.”

The support and friendships from the other women in Mums At Work has been amazing for Christina. She loves that there is no judgement – they are all equals and likeminded women.

She describes Mums At Work as a ‘safe place’.

Christina’s advice:

“Do not rely on your friends and family to be your customers. They are extremely important to me so they could not be my business. I needed to get clients who wanted to speak about Norwex and pass it onto their friends” she said.

Christina also said you need to get out there and share what you are doing. She used to be embarrassed about doing this but now she doesn’t feel hesitant because she is proud of her business.

She said, “If you are passionate about your product it will speak for itself and sell itself.”

Another piece of advice is to bring your business contact with you everywhere such as business cards. This is so you never miss the opportunity of taking on another customer.

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