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As part of a network, it is essential to tell YOUR STORY, YOUR WHY and to build relationships with others in the network. As you have heard time and time again, people buy from people they like, know and trust.

If you are a VIP Member of Mums at Work, you are invested in connecting with others; for support and advice, and for other to know what you do. As a result, they will be able to recommend and refer you to others that know them, trust and like them. Their endorsement of you helps natural referrals flow towards you. It’s an extension of word of mouth recommendation – only with people who possibly already have your ideal client in front of them.

Why you should tell your story

Due to several factors, for example, busy life, covid restrictions or fears etc, it is more difficult to come out and meet others and tell your story. Therefore, we want to publish it on our blog, for other members to read in their own time. We also feature this on our APP, downloadable from Google PlayStore and the Appstore. Once published, your blog feature is also sent out on our weekly newsletter and we feature you in our bi-monthly magazine. It’s also shared across our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

We write it for you

We write the blog with keywords in mind for others to find your business. It’s a public blog and can pick up visitors from anywhere online. 

Free for VIP Members

YES this is all included in your monthly membership of £6/month, or £49.99 / year. Your business is also listed on our business directory, get free access to our online  networking events and webinars. You qualify for half price access to our in-person events. Finally, you are able to take out half price advertising in our magazine (options are full page and half page.. the prices you see are the non-member prices)


Fill in your name, email, and name of your business and quick description and we will get back to you with an appointment with our journalist to feature you on our blog

Not a member but you would like your story to be featured? 

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