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Here you will find our MAW Network Online Event Listings, detailing our networking events and events hosted by our members. Members can add their events here.

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The MAW Network is a business network group for female business owners and entrepreneurs. Find us on Facebook or Instagram.

We also have a large networking group on Facebook.  To add your events to our calendar, join our membership at £49.99 / year.

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Connecting with other members  of The MAW Network using our online event calendar

The “Mums at Work” Network is a strong community of like minded women. We came together to help and support each other. The ethos of the community is to help build relationships between members in order to build trust.

Ultimately the outcome is that members refer and recommend each other to their friends, family members and customers. Trust is built with online and in person networking. It’s forged by community problem solving and by providing real advice to each other.

MAW is a network of women, primarily female business owners. Originally, we began as a community of business mums. Now have a community of over 3700 business women.

Staying Connected

Stay up to date and connected with other members in our community by checking out our online event listings. Our members have a wide range of services and online classes. Online Event Listings can include online events such as webinars, workshops, classes and presentations.

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