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Event Alerts

Here you will find your event alerts.

Checking on your event:

  • Do you have a photo that fits?
  • Have you uploaded the right date and time?
  • Does the event have a location or is it online?
  • Have you included a link to your event or call to action?
  • Display your event cost clearly.
  • Clearly advertise free events to include registration details.
  • Have you included your contact details?
  • Is your website and social media links included.

Your events will be added to the MAW Network Website and shared on our social media pages. You can find us on Facebook here 

Top Tips for advertising your event:

  • Give 6 weeks lead up time for your event to take momentum
  • Know your objective of what you want to achieve from your event
  • Know if your event addresses your customers problems
  • Add your event to your Google my Business Page
  • Make sure your event is advertised on your website and social media pages

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