Meet Eva Roa founder of Well of Abundance

Eva Roa is the founder of Well of Abundance which is also known as The Source Element.

Eva is a global distributer of water ionisers and filtering systems which produces Kagen Water.

“If you change your water, you can change your life”

The machines only have two steps: Filtration and Electrolysis.

The flagship product is the K8 which is a medical grade water ioniser. This machine is the only one in the world that is medical grade and fully certified.

The healing benefits are due to it being richer in molecular hydrogen, anti-oxidant, alkalised and micro-clustered.

“Reverse osmosis, Distilled water, plastic- bottled water, tap water… are not what we are told plus, could be dangerous to actually drink it long term.”

The water produced from the machines can be used for various purposes including drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning.

To find out more about Well of Abundance, click HERE


Eva Roa - Well of Abundance - MAW VIP Member

Eva Roa founder of Well of Abundance

Why did Eva join Mums At Work

Shortly before attending her first Mums At Work meeting, Eva had a baby and felt a lack of confidence.

But since joining MAW Eva has felt more confident in asking for advice from other members along with giving some advice herself.

Eva loves the group because of how relaxed it is.



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