We invite you to “Elevate Your business”  – This is a new name for the our networking events and a new program that follows on from our events. The program enables members of our network and event attendees can follow a system and format to take their business to a new level.

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The vision of “Mums at Work” is to help female business owners and entrepreneurs raise their visibility. We aim to facilitate members be recommended and referred by others. We aim to do this through relationship building and gaining trust. Our Goal is to assist business owners focus on their targets so they can reach their goals. See some of our members on our member directory

You can become a member of Mums at Work here but you do not have to be a member to attend an event or participate in the program

Elevate your Business Events 

We are hosting a series of Elevate Your Business Events throughout Northern Ireland over the next few months. These feature several business women with diverse business backgrounds who will tell you all about their business journeys. We hope to help you build your business around your lifestyle, talents, passions and a need for your service.

How you can benefit from the events

At the events, we will invite you to speak to as many other attendees as possible, telling others what you do. We recommend you exchange details and ideas. Come along so you can gain inspiration about the different services and areas you can be expanding into. We will be introducing you to others who can recommend you to their friends, family and customers.



Tuesday 8th Sept 2020 7-10pm VENUE: Canal Court Hotel  Newry

Featuring Guest Speakers

Maggie Brady – Pearl Redesigns

Denise McBurney – Natural Balance Coaching

Sinead Parfitt – Public Speaking NI

Bridgeen King – Hairdresser and Hair Loss Clinic



Tuesday 15th Sept 7-10pm  VENUE: Hilton Hotel Templepatrick

Featuring Guest Speakers:

Geraldine Leyden – Serenity Ten

Stefany Watson – Stefany Watson Brand Servicing

Chen Clarke – RTT Specialist

Sinead Norton – MAW / Swift Wedding Services



Tuesday 22nd Sept 7 – 10pm  VENUE: Silverbirch Hotel Omagh

Featuring Guest Speakers:

Orla McIvor – Celtic Energy Medicine Wisdom

Catriona Jones – Catriona Jones Zen Coach

Sinead O’Hanlon – Pure Perfection Fintona

Amanda Maguire – ImAmanda Content Creator



Tuesday 29nd Sept 7 – 10pm  VENUE: Slieve Donard Hotel Newcastle

Featuring Guest Speakers

Jacqueline Hamilton – Seaforde Interiors

Avril Arnett – Ollie Coach NI

Jacqueline Rooney Artist

Jill Gordon – NLP Coach



This is a structured business program  to help you elevate your business online and offline.

We provide you with a set of tasks and worksheets to help you focus on connecting with individuals and new customers and to help you take your business to a new level. We want to increase your value, reach customers easier, and purposely find the connections to take your business on a new journey, elevated and on the right path.

“Having a defined online brand or profile also makes connecting more likely, as credibility checks are just a click away.” Porter Gaile

  • We will help you define a new goal and plan to reach that goal each week. This is tailored to you and your own business and what you are willing to put into it. We know everyone has a real life outside of their business but this will be reflected in your bespoke plan.
  • You will have 2 x  one to one calls each week for 6 weeks for an hour each time (at the start and then at the end of the week) to help you identify where you need to put your focus and energy. This will be directed by your own goals and what you want to achieve.
  • We will help you identify how to increase your brand credibility and therefore to increase your worth and demand.
  • Through our network, we will assist with identifying ways you can increase your online and offline reach of customers. This is something we will do for you once we have identified what is the biggest problem you solve as your business.
  • We will help with the structure required to take your business to a new level. We can remove your limiting barriers that would normally hold you back from moving forward by facilitating the connections and putting your brand and service in front of others.

This is a follow on program from our events, however there is no requirement to go to the events first. This is something you can do at any time.

Why this program?

This program is designed for the introverted person who wants to get results but is not comfortable with selling, but who can see the benefit of connections and networking, but who doesn’t know where to start.

“And remember, your network is your net worth.” Porter Gale

This program has been created by Sinead Norton, who has identified the main problems women have with networking and selling themselves and who often are selling themselves short – or not selling themselves at all. Her main goal and passion is to help women get paid properly for their time and to save themselves money on advertising and social media and to step outside of their comfort zone and get jobs completed that lead to paid work. There is a lack of confidence in selling their bespoke product or service because it is something that is connected to them, their own skills and talents. They also have maybe never had formal sales training and a lack of experience in promoting themselves – “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  Sinead has great skills in bringing people together to help each other and to collaborate and assist each other to reach success quicker.

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