Emma O'Hanlon

Emma O’Hanlon – The Dynamite Effect

Emma O’Hanlon & The Dynamite Effect.

I met Emma O’Hanlon online through when she joined the Mums at Work Network as a herbalife consultant. More recently though, Emma has joined the Mums at Work VIP Club as a Dynamite Lifestyle representative.  I have been following her journey in her new path as a member of the Dynamite Lifestyle team and more recently, I was able to attend a Dynamite Lifestyle Event called Inception at the Europa Hotel Belfast and reconnected with Emma there. Emma is the sales director for Dynamite Lifestyle so I was naturally curious on how she was on this journey and her role in the company.

Emma O'Hanlon

Emma O’Hanlon & The beginning of the Dynamite effect

In November 2018, Emma and her husband Fergal attended an free Dynamite Lifestyle Event at the Stormont Hotel Belfast. At this stage, Emma was attracted to the event as she knew that Kim Calvert, the owner of Dynamite Lifestyle, had worked along with Bob Proctor and her life had changed dramatically. Bob Proctor and all his work, had been used in some of the Herbalife training that Emma had been doing. When she saw a photograph of Kim standing side by side with Bob, she was decided she wanted to find out more.

After the seminar, and after finding out the cost, Emma went home and wasn’t convinced initially that she could go through the Dynamite Lifestyle program which cost more than she had realized. However, her husband Fergal who owns a stone masonry business, had made his mind up straight away. The cost of the Thinking into Results program held Emma back but withing a few days, they, as a couple, had made the double investment. I asked Emma what changed her mind and she said “Fergal said it me,”I’m doing with whether you come with me or not,” and I replied, “You won’t be going anywhere and leaving me behind.” Our goals were aligned and we just had to trust our gut.”

Emma said once she made the decision to go forward with the program, she would find the tool to do it. They both were in the Thinking into Results program within 48 hours. The fact that they had both been following Bob Proctor and the material regarding paradigms and focusing on self development meant they had a foundation of trust before they met Kim, so it was just the right time and place for them to go ahead.


Emma O’Hanlon: The right time.

“You can never get time back.” When Emma talks about the program, she is so passionate because of her results and the results of others who have worked through it at the same time and since then. The Thinking into Results program involves 6 months mentor ship and she says “If I can do it, anyone can do it!”

Emma told me, “I knew I was capable of more. I knew my mission in life was to truly help others but I didn’t know how or where to begin. I needed guidance and a mentor and that is where Kim helped me the most.”

What Emma discovered on her very first discovery call was that Kim saw something in her that she didn’t see in herself. Over the next few weeks and months, Emma said she discovered her true self, she had started to come out. First she was able to deal with life situations better and then, in turn she was able to naturally help others. Once Emma realized she was making a difference, she was aware of all that she did, and she did it with heart and soul.

I asked Emma how she felt. “I was petrified because my life was transforming rapidly.”

Emma’s Role in Dynamite

After her completion of the 6 months program, Emma became Kim’s first consultant. I asked Emma what skill set did she have to develop to go into this role and she explained, “Empathy. You have to want to help people and have the ability to connect with others. I needed to be able to take them out of their own head and into their heart. I want to help them see their real self image that they try to hide from others. Kim saw this in me, she did this for me and I want to do it for others. Kim was able to pull my true self out of me like a drawstring.”


Emma says she believes now this is who she is, it’s her purpose in life. “I still have my paradigm,” she says, “but I have the tools and ability to overrule it.” This led me to ask her what is her personal paradigm, her limiting beliefs. “I always wondered what I worthy enough and doubted myself. Now I know I am worthy, I have the self belief I can do this, I have the ability to be more, do more, and earn more.”

As someone who gets strange looks from others myself when I talk about unconscious competence and knowing that your true business is one that only you can do.. I asked Emma, what examples can you give to the skeptics about the results that Dynamite Lifestyle can give you.



Thinking into Results

Customer A: was earning £75k per year and wanted to earn £250K. He worked through the Thinking into Results program and it helped him change his mindset. At the beginning of the program, he thought £250k was a million miles away but at the end of the year, he had earned £500k. His reprogramming got him there.


Customer B envisaged a business where he could stream events all over the world. (This is the same company who streamed the Inception event to viewers all over the world.) With the help of Kim, he brainstormed with the Thinking into Results community.  He was able to secure a team of investors from the community. Not only did he realize his dream, but this also created additional income streams for 18 other people.

Fergal’s Dynamite Experience

Emma’s own husband Fergal, has his story to tell. Fergal has a stone masonry business which provides customers with unique looking homes. Fergal has a talent to able to visualize the finished product. The vision is what he has to sell to his customers before their homes are even finished. Selling is no problem for Fergal. Like many sole traders, Fergal is restricted by the amount of work he can complete being the only person in his company. He has completed the T.I.R. Program and been able to expand his company, grow his business. He saw new opportunities that created new goals. He was able to reach them all because of the work he completed in the program. Additionally, Fergal, who has a fear of public speaking, has been able to overcome this. At the Inception event, he stood on a stage and spoke to over 100 people.

Inception – The Dynamite Event

People asked me, “What did you think of the INCEPTION event? Was it all that is was cracked up to be?”  It as it was a very well organised event, great atmosphere and delivered on all it’s promises.

I sat at a table with lovely people from all walks of life. From business owners to employees, men, women, mothers, fathers. None of us had the same background. They wanted to achieve more than they already were doing.

We all suffer from a lack of focus, a lack of time, a lack of money, and lack of resources. This event helped the attendees to not suffer from the “lens of lack,” but instead the “lens of abundance.”

The attendees went through a journey of self discovery, identified what was holding them back. People left being able to see the possibilities that the world had to offer. They also considered what they could offer to the world.

The material was all relevant and helpful and made sense.  For people who needed a sense of direction, this event was brilliant.






Other members who have completed T.I.R. include Catherine Martin, Women Gone Strong

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