Discomfort is necessary for your Success

Step outside your comfort zone and into new territory!

Most people don’t realise the process that is needed to commit to life dreams and goals. Discomfort is one of the commitments and one of the reasons for making this commitment to achieving success!

When we commit to something, we are telling our goal-fulfilment mechanism, “I want this.” The goal-fulfilment mechanism says, “Fine, I’ll arrange for that.” And it does.

Among the things it uses – individually or collectively are:

– It looks to see what the lessons are we must learn in order to have our goal then it arranges for those lessons. Sometimes, these lessons come in pleasant ways and others are unpleasant.

– The goal-fulfilment mechanism sees what is in the way of us having what we want and removes it. In order to have something new, our comfort zone must be expanded to include that new thing. The bigger the new thing, the greater the comfort zone must expand. And comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort.

When people don’t understand that being uncomfortable is part of the process, they use the discomfort as a reason not to do. Then they don’t get what they want. We must learn to tolerate discomfort in order to grow.

Take the risk, try new things, say yes instead of no. Look for new opportunities!

How to do this in Mums at Work:

  • Create an introductory video in our group! Maybe even go LIVE!
  • Be an expert in our events – be a guest speaker
  • Ask for collaborations
  • Be a guest speaker at other members events and invite them to yours!

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