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Dental Services and Aesthetics

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Photo of Dr Catherine Robb Aesthetics

Dr Catherine Robb Aesthetics

I have been working as a dentist for the last 19 years, and have developed my skills into facial Aesthetics. I currently offer line softening treatments, lip and cheek enhancements using dermal fillers and skin care including chemical peels.

Treatments are offered in my dental surgery at Randalstown Dental Clinic and in The Gallery Hair Consultants in Moira

What to look for in your dental services?

Choosing a family dentist can be tricky. After all, you have to go with someone both you, your kids, and other members of the family can trust. It is important that you find a dentist that specializes in different areas of dentistry. While it is always a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours, it also pays to talk to your doctor or pharmacist for referrals.

Choosing the right family dentist essentially boils down to two things — what the parents want and what the kids require. After all, apart from providing you with excellent dental care, you also want every single visit to be pleasant, and with a great dentist, every visit can be a positive experience. At best, both parents and kids will be well-informed and motivated to take better care of their teeth.

Here are some things you should consider in choosing a family dentist:

  • Look for a dentist with whom you can establish a great rapport with. This dentist should also be experienced as much as possible, as they are able to recognize potential problems right away and inform you of the best treatment options and prevent further damage.
  • Choose a dentist that has worked with both adults and kids, including very young children. Checking if the dentist has a website and going through their online biography can give you a good idea about his or her experience. Of course, asking your friends, especially those with young children, for referrals is always a good idea. Read reviews and research for great dental practitioners within your community to help narrow down your choices.

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