Creating Content for your Brand.

Content Curation is the process of gathering existing information from various sources and sharing it. Creating Content to tell your brand story is a great way of reaching your customers.

Why should you Curate?

It is a great addition to your Social Media Marketing and can add variety and value. You can make an impact in a relatively short space of time with preparation and organisation.

You may ask yourself why you are doing this, why are you sharing other people’s content. Isn’t it stealing other people’s work, and shouldn’t I just be doing my own.

Benefits to Content Creation.

There are benefits to sharing other people’s content. You must know what your audience likes, their interests and struggles and you must always include the original creator in the post.

  • If people see a shared article they read on your social media, they might share it.
  • If the creator sees you have shared it, they might do the same for you
  • You build relationships by regularly sharing other articles
  • Sharing carefully-selected content will save time from you creating it yourself
  • When you share great content, you become a reliable source of good information

All of this means that you will not only expose your profile to an even wider audience but by understanding the content, you will start to understand what makes great content. It will help you create your own content that will be just as good if not better.

Finding Content Creators.

Taking the time to find content creators that are in your industry that create good sources of information is key to becoming a great at content curation. You can find these creators through the following:

  • Social media sites through the use of hashtags, twitter lists, Facebook groups and using the search feature
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Online websites that gather news such as Buzzfeed, Reddit etc
  • News websites

When reposting something, it is important to show why you are posting it by adding your own description. A great repost will have a picture, an introduction about the post which include your own reasons for posting it, tag the original creator, the link to the post and any relevant hashtags.

Depending how frequently you repost will depend on your own schedule on social media sites and the general amount of content available to you within your industry. The best way to start is to look at what other people in your industry is posting and keep an eye out for curated content your audience loves.

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