Optimizing Your Facebook Course


Optimizing Your Facebook Course

We created the optimizing your Facebook Course to make sure your business page tells potential customers exactly what you do. Facebook is still the largest social media platform and it is the fastest changing.

Having a presence on social media is important for businesses to reach out to potential customers, it’s also a great way to generate leads and inform people about your business. 

At present Facebook is the largest social media platform. In August 2018 it was reported that Facebook had around 2,230,000,00 active monthly users. 

Through Facebook business pages you can engage with and easily target selected customer markets from across the globe or closer to home. If used correctly, the Ad Manager function can help you place commercial ads and calls to action which will help drive good leads. 

Facebook business pages also allow you to collect customer feedback and communicate offers and more on a regular basis. 

In order to create a Facebook Business Page, you will need an active personal profile to log into.  Once you have done this click on the Create tab in the top right hand corner. Then click on Page this will allow you to create your business page. 

Once you have done this, you are ready to create a really great Facebook Page.

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Setting Up Your Facebook Page for Success?

Follow these step by step instructions on how to set up your Facebook Page for success
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Profile Photo
Cover Photo
Templates & Tabs
Facebook Notes
Your Facebook Ad Pixel
Facebook Appointments
Facebook Creator Studio

Other Facebook Rules and Guidelines?

Here are some Facebook Rules and Guidelines that can help you

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Optimizing Your Facebook
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