Build Your Own Course


Build Your Own Course

Why should you build your own course? I started Mums at Work as a way of female entrepreneurs and business owners to connect and help and support each other. We were successful in building a network group where women could get to know each other online and through events, and help and support each other. Ultimately, after getting to know each other, referring and recommending each other came naturally.

Then we created a members group, for members to take this further. We created an online directory to help them find each other when they needed a service, an events platform where they could share their events. We also blog about the members to help them tell their story. For regular event attendees, we created a discount code so they were rewarded for their attendance.

Future Proof Your Business

Then Covid-19 hit and it is astounding how businesses ground to a halt. Many of our members rely on events, workshops, craft fayres and other gatherings to conduct their business. Even on a one – to – one basis for consultants, reps, ambassadors etc were prevented from being to move forward. As business women who had created their brand to work around their families and lifestyle, this was a hard hit to the bank balance.

So I went back to basics to see how I could help. Originally, I created MAW to help women in business connect and grow their businesses. I loved connecting female business owners in our group setting as I knew we all had different backgrounds, experiences, skill sets and knowledge. With such a diverse group, I knew we all have a key to unlock a problem that others have.

Now, I am asking female business owners to put this knowledge online. Not for free. But to sell it so help others. And to create an income for themselves. This will help “Future Proof” your business and help you reach goals, no matter what restrictions are in place, now or in the future.

  • You can sell your business knowledge, and your know how..
  • Sell “how to do this.. or that” guides
  • You can sell templates and graphics
  • If you have a course, you can duplicate it and put it in our courses
  • Maybe, you have a course on how to make or create for a hobby or business, put it in here.
  • If you have a course that is related to your business for your customers, put it in our courses.
  • Really any knowledge you have, that you know, is useful to others who do not know it.


Your Value is WHAT you know

My mentor once said to me, “Your true business is what you know. You might not even know that you know it. But your friends and family know that you know it.”

We don’t always value the knowledge that we have because it comes naturally to us so we take it for granted. Or we have imposter syndrome relating to it because we had to learn it over a period of time. While we have now mastered it, our brains remember the time we didn’t know. It’s time to get over this.

What this video on how to build your own course. It’s available as a step by step guide as well.

This will let you see what inside the course marketplace looks like, as an instructor or as a student.

I have also included a couple of eBooks on Course Pricing and how to create and sell a course. I didn’t write them myself but I have included them as they are great free resources on the internet.


Why should you build your course on this platform?

  • It’s free to upload. There is no upfront cost
  • It’s easy to use. You will be able to see this from the step by step guide.
  • You get a link to your course which is a public link so you can post it on social media and share on your mailing list without needing a website.
  • If you do have a website, you can build it into a page or blog without needing to download course software or plug-ins to create a course.
  • When others are looking for courses on our website, they might come across yours by accident so a marketplace is very useful for selling unintentionally. And you can the link to sell your content intentionally as well.
  • It’s great practise, get your course replicated on other sites as well once you are more confident.

What’s the fees? There is no upfront cost. However there is a fee for courses that sell – this is set at 30%. If you don’t sell your course, it has cost you nothing. There is no monthly fee.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Host your Course with us without any upfront course
  • You don't need any technical website knowledge
  • Be paid for what you know
  • Create an passive income to pay you for content you already have
  • Help others with problems they have

Topics for this course

2 Lessons

Build Your Course?

Includes Step by Step Guide to Building your Course on our marketplace. We have also included a couple of PDFS on creating and selling courses including pricing and a worksheet (not written by me but they are very comprehensive) so very useful to get your started.
Step by Step Guide1:10
Some PDFS on Course Creation and Pricing

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • You can walk through the course online, watch a step by step video and download our step by step guide. We have also included useful PDFs


  • We welcome all female business owners and entrepreneurs

Target Audience

  • For Female Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to create an income for knowledge they already have.
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