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Fashion & Boutiques

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Photo of Corporate & Creative Image

Corporate & Creative Image

🌈 Colour |Style| Presentation| Self Image
👩‍💻 Workshops & 1-1 consultations
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I help and guide individuals and businesses to build an image that truly represents them because what you wear tells others how to treat you. Style your way to the results you want via:

Colour power – slim, define and look more approachable/authoritative

Style Identity – say who YOU are without having to speak and welcome the right opportunities

Presentation – Effective communication, postive posture and language to create presence

Self Image – Affirmations, NLP exercises for a happier, healthier you

Photo of Ieva Dickson

Ieva Dickson

The big Why?

It’s a big question, but it’s not as complicated as you would think. After looking at my own life experience so far, I was determined to become the woman I needed when I was a young girl. I design my creations to empower other women and show that ethical knitwear doesn’t have to be bland.…

Photo of Dress My Bump Maternity Hire

Dress My Bump Maternity Hire

Hi, my name is Karen and I am a mum to 3 girls – 3 year old identical twins and my 7 month old baby girl. I recently started ‘Dress My Bump Maternity Hire’ after becoming frustrated at the lack of affordable, comfortable maternity occasion wear. We hire out designer maternity dresses for a hire price of £40 – £60 and matching fascinators and headpieces are also available.

Photo of Mrs Grainne Maria Elliott

Mrs Grainne Maria Elliott

Owner and Founder

Good Vibes Tees Clothing Ltd is an online positive affirmation apparel store, started out in June 2021.

It’s an initiative by the owner, Grainne Elliott, to spread mindfulness and positivity through clothing.

With unique designs with positive affirmations and quotes that communicate optimism and good vibes.

Grainne wants to help people to develop a more positive approach to life and to spread joy through her brand and clothing.…

Photo of Evolve by Samara

Evolve by Samara

I am a mummy to Jude, Ollie, Jesse & Cole and wife to Paul. I worked in Event Management and PR for many years and absolutely loved it. I loved the buzz of events and I really enjoyed seeing how the profile of the business was being built, all over the world, from my PR efforts.…

Photo of Fee McToal Design

Fee McToal Design

I’m an award winning designer and member of both the British Millinery Association and Design County Council of Ireland. Not only do I design & create headpieces for commission orders, you can see & purchase my creations for yourself in my retail space within Makers House, The Designerie, Bushmills or online.

I carefully hand stitch each hat and headpiece only using the best quality materials, looking for perfect fit, shape and colour before completing with the finishing touches.…

Photo of Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy


I make bespoke headpiece for every occasions, pieces available to buy & hire

Photo of Rosie’s Shoes

Rosie’s Shoes

Rosie’s Shoes is the destination for style-conscious shoppers. From wear-with-everything mid-heels and sandals, to leather boots, shoes, handbags, accessories and more, it’s all here waiting for you in our Kilrea shop boutique.
We carry fashionable shoe brands at affordable everyday prices including:
– Marco Tozzi
– S. Oliver
– Ruby Shoo
– Yull
– Joesph Seibel
– Earth Spirit
– Glamour
– Millie & Co
– Aeros
– Moda In Pelle
– Emis

Fashion & Boutiques – When you look good, you feel great!

When you look good, you can feel good and happy. It ‘s simply about feeling prepared, confident, and ready to take on what the world has in store for you.  It has to do with your own opinion of yourself and boosting your own self esteem. What we wear is more than just a method of fitting in with our environments. Clothing and makeup are more like the armour you wear to battle, or the costume you wear on stage. Let others know you’re prepared for anything.

Take the time to pick out an outfit that makes you feel confident, applying makeup, and contribute to your daily hygiene. It’s a method of self-care that is understated. Self-care isn’t always a spa day or a fantastic bath bomb; it can be something as regular as taking the time to brush and style the hair the way you want or wearing a fragrance that you find calming.

 Five Top Tips for Starting a Fashion Business or Boutique

Study Successful People

There are commonalities among successful entrepreneurs. Read their books, listen to their podcasts, learn from them to figure out how to start a successful fashion design business. There is a reason they are successful in the fashion industry. Take the time to understand their mindset and create that mindset for yourself. Having a successful mindset, believing you’re going to succeed is imperative to getting your head together, developing a plan, and creating good habits that will set you on the path to success.

Develop a Sales Plan

There are so many ways to sell things nowadays that is incredibly important to have a plan before you get started. If you get started in the fashion industry selling clothing without knowing where and how to focus, then you’ll end up wasting money, product, and connections. Where and how you sell will affect your design, the amount of product you create, and your overall game plan when you start a clothing line. To determine if you want to sell wholesale, retail, online, in house, trade shows, trunk shows, or anywhere else in the fashion business. Make a decision and don’t start promoting your product until you do.

Figure out your Target Market

The fashion industry is vast and difficult, and it can be very hard to figure out who to focus on designing. The good news is that everyone needs clothes and accessories. There are a number of specifics that you can narrow down in order to help you determine your target market and therefore better design and market your product as you navigate how to start a fashion design business.

Consider age, gender, cost, demographics, hobbies, education, lifestyle, you name it. When you choose a certain market, you will have a better idea of what, where, and how to do things. Once you know your target market, you can learn about them and their usual preferences in order to best serve them.

Design your products to meet your Target Market’s Needs

Once you know who your target market is, you can figure out what their needs and preferences are. Knowing this will help you to design the product that best suits them. Oftentimes designers go about this in the opposite way by designing a product that they think their target market needs or would like and then thrusting it on them, only to have it backfire and barely sell at all.

Instead, listen to your target market. Learn what they are looking for. What clothes do they buy and from who? Do certain brands speak to them? How much are they willing to spend? What sort of marketing best reaches them? Make decisions with your target market in mind and you will find success.

Have a good Online Presence

A business’s visibility online is one of the top indicators of success these days. With influencers, social media, SEO, blogs, websites, and email, your presence, or lack thereof, can either make or break you. If you have a great product, are successfully reaching your target market, and offering relevant and oft-shared content online, then you have the key to fashion design success in your hands.




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