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Claire O’Hanlon & Her Business

Claire O’Hanlon who owns LuCo Life & Business offers life, career, business and leadership coaching and mentorship programmes and training specifically for women. She also provides corporate leadership and team development days. Claire takes the fear out of change for people which helps them improve their results. She also helps people gain clarity by finding out what they really want in their life, career or business. She identifies the habits, fears and barriers that is holding them back and help them establish a path forward. Claire does this by getting them to implement actions to take to get where they want to be. On top of this she also helps them to develop business and life skills so that they can see lasting results.

Claire’s Coaching Services

Claire’s services are one to one coaching and mentoring services for women and she has also launched the first in a series of three PDF workbooks called “Get Set, GO”. These aim to help women create change by looking at where they are now and where they want to do. In the future of her business she is planning to add more activities to my services including firewalks, glasswalks, arrow snapping, board breaking and Lego walks. “It sounds completely random, but these are all really powerful tools for reaffirming clarity, goal setting and pushing through barriers.”

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Get Set, GO

Why Claire started her business

Claire has two sons, Luke (9) and Coen (6). Luke was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy when he was 13 months old. Luke has been taking part in a clinical trial and they have travel to England every week. “When he was diagnosed, I decided that I would make sure to do what I could to make sure that he has the best life.” As Luke has got older, he has a lot more hospital appointments and Claire’s younger son, Coen has been having some difficulties and with appointments for him too. “It got to the stage I was juggling so much.”

After Claire’s mum passed away, it became increasingly hard for her to hold down a job, attend over 10 appointments every month and to do all the charity work while also dealing with the grief over losing her mum. “I felt like I was forever rushing from one place to another but I really loved my job helping people to start their own businesses and so I decided to become self-employed which would give me a greater amount of flexibility and I could just focus on the parts of the job I loved – the mentoring and training.”

Claire named her business LuCo Life & Business after her two sons. Claire’s personal goal for the future is to go on a two week safari holiday in a 5 start hotel in South Africa followed by a three week trip of a lifetime with her two sons.

Why Claire Loves her Business

Claire loves her business because she loves seeing the transformation in people when she is working with them. “To see someone, go from not really knowing what they want and feeling completely out of their depth, to walking away with clarity, purpose and direction is awesome.” Claire’s business goal for the future is to support over 100 women through her coaching programme within her first year.

Claire’s advice for others starting out on their business journey

Claire joined The MAW Network Facebook Group a few years ago before she became self-employed. She attended some of the events and knew some of the ladies who were members. It seemed like a really progressive and helpful group to be a part of. “I was right. It is a great resource for any mum starting a business and is bursting full of women who want to raise each other up.” She described the group as friendly and helpful. There is not a question you could ask that someone wouldn’t know the answer to.

Claire’s advice for anyone starting their own business is to know what you want. Not just in terms of your business, but in terms of your own personal goals. She believes your business will be the vehicle that makes your personal goals happen. So if you know clearly what you want in your personal life, then you will have no problem developing the skills needed to be successful in business.

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