Meet The ShyPreneur Coach, Claire O’Hanlon

Claire O’Hanlon believes that it sucks when people who can change the world feel that they can’t.

Claire created her business to help quiet, introvert women create and grow businesses.

She also did it to help change the world for them and everyone around them without sacrifice.

Claire is a business, confidence and mindset coach who helps women to start and lead thriving lives.

Success in business is 90% mindset; 10% strategy and Claire will help you use your own feminine energy (mindset work) and masculine energy (strategy work) to create a business and life you want.

Claire said, “Basically I’m here to kick your butt into doing the things you already know you need to do. You’re going to overcome your fears, shift your perceptions and stop living for your excuses.”

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Claire O'Hanlon, The ShyPreneur

Claire O’Hanlon, The ShyPreneur

Why did Claire O’Hanlon join Mums At Work

Claire became a member a couple of years ago because of the great sense of community she got from the group. Mums At Work allows her to talk about anything, it doesn’t always have to be business related – it can be personal too. Claire feels a real sense of camaraderie within the group. She said; “You can tell that they are people who really do want to help each other. There are always lots of referrals.”


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