About Claire Bain, Founder of Next Steps

Next Steps founder, Claire Bain uses her coaching, training and facilitation services to help people achieve personal and business results. She works with her clients to achieve clarity and direction for these results. She does this by developing plans and pathways for her clients and supports them to help maintain motivation and overcome their challenges to achieve success.

How Next Steps helps Clients

Claire solves three common problems for her clients; clarity of thought, develop plans and provide motivation. When it comes to client’s clarity of thought, she explains; “Firstly, clients often get overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts “spinning” in their heads. I give clients an opportunity to “get them out,” have a look at what is there with no judgement.

My only agenda is to give clients a chance to articulate these thoughts in a safe environment, identify which ones are helpful and those that are not.” Through this, she is able to give them clarity for their goals and direction. This leads to developing logical step by step plans that creates structure and a path for implementation. Claire also works with clients to identify and build on their strengths.

Claire explains; “When challenges and barriers are faced, we work together to overcome them and build coping strategies. So I am very tuned in to people’s strengths and capabilities and how they can be drawn on for resource and motivation. Moreover, I have tools and techniques to build clients confidence which provides motivation and momentum to move forward.”

Why Claire is passionate about her business

Claire loves her business, Next Steps, as she loves to see clients grow and develop. They become independent and grow in confidence. She loves to see them have “light bulb” moments and realise how competent and capable they are. Her ideal client is someone who wants to take personal responsibility and achieve something. Claire is able to meet clients face to face or over zoom.

In 2002, Claire moved back to Northern Ireland to get a more balanced approach to life. This is when she trained and qualified as a Professional Trainer and Executive & Business Coach. Claire now has over 15 years of experience in training and coaching people. In her spare time, she does Nordic walking, reading and swimming.

Claire and why she joined the Mums at Work Network

Claire heard about Mum’s at Work through another member and has enjoyed the virtual coffee mornings. She also loves the support she has received from the group. The advice Claire gives for anyone wanting to start their own business is; “Build up a strong supportive network of supporters. Be very aware who you listen to – some people project their own issues onto you. Trust your own voice and instincts. Take time to acknowledge what you are achieving.” Join our Free group, The MAW Network on Facebook and gain an introduction to Mums at Work.

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