About Christina Dickson, Norwex Independent Consultant

Mum’s At Work VIP Member, Christina Dickson became a Norwex Independent Consultant after she had her two children, Jack and Grace. Christina wanted to be home with them and control her own work schedule to do so. At this point she decided to get into direct selling which led her to the company Norwex, which is all about “improving our quality of life by radically reducing the harmful chemicals we use to clean our homes and bodies”.

Why Christina Dickson loves her products – and Norwex

Although kids, Jack and Grace are grown up now, Christina has not stopped working at Norwex; she loves her job and the results she is able to give her customers. Christina said, “I love the results that my products give, the ease of use and the fact that you can clean with just water. I love people’s reactions to seeing my Norwex clothes in action.”

It’s not just the customers that makes Christina love her job, but also the company. Christina explains; “I love how generous Norwex are to people who host parties in their own homes and businesses giving them the opportunity to get their Norwex journey started for free.” Another reason Christina loves her job is the free time it provides for her to spend time with her kids, go walking with her husband and dog on the beach and sing in her local choir; Bangor Ladies Choir.

Building her Business

Christina got into this business when she went to a party and discovered the amazing products that she now sells today. She was approached to join the business as an Independent Consultant and now has her own team of consultants. They help spread the Norwex word and show everyone the excellent results and how little time it takes to get a streak free result every time with just water.

Key Advice for others starting a business

Christina’s key advice for anyone starting their own business is; “Know your products, love your products, use your products and look after your customers. If they take the time to listen to you about your business and invest in your products you owe it to them to give them the correct advice, excellent customer care and service.”

The MAW Network

After hearing about Mum’s At Work from her friend, Helen McMahon, Christina joined the group which she describes as “truly amazing”. Christina said it is the best decision she has ever made especially becoming a VIP Member. Christina loves how the group is unique. She loves the support, encouragement and friendships. This has boosted her confidence to promote her products. She looks forward to going to more fundraising parties and more interactions going forward.

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