Meet Charlene Greensword, The Hyp Midwife


Charlene Greensword The Hyp MidwifeCharlene Greensword is a trained midwife of 16years. She decided to develop her business, The Hyp Midwife after seeing women not being prepared mentally or physically for birth.

In some cases, these women would be left traumatised by their birthing experiences and Charlene felt there was more to be done.

Charlene’s business, The Hyp Midwife was launch 4 years ago and it works through a combination of 6 hypnotherapy practices

These are:

  1. Education – Charlene teaches her clients about how the body works through birth. This is in order to take away the fear of birth. It provides confidence in the body about giving birth.
  2. Relaxation – When the mind relaxes, the body follows. But more importantly, when a pregnant women is stressed, it takes away the blood supply from the birthing body. They work hard to prevent this.
  3. Deepening – This is about the minds subconscious. It is where what we have heard and believe about birth is stored. Charlene helps change these beliefs and how the mind sees birth to help remove fear.
  4. Visualisation – This is a tool used to help mothers get through birth. It can be done through simply transporting the body to another place or time, or to visualise how you want the birth to go. This is done to separate the mind from the body and allow it to do what it needs to.
  5. Affirmations – Self-talk is things that is said to us from others or from ourselves that have become beliefs. Affirmations are things said to change these beliefs. For example, a pregnant women could be told ‘You are so massive’. This can leave a mother feeling insecure about how she is supposed to give birth. The affirmation then changes this to ‘My body is made to birth a baby’ and ‘My body is perfect for my baby to go through.’
  6. Breath Techniques – This is to help train and prepare the mother to breathe throughout birth.

Why did Charlene Greensword, The Hyp Midwife Join Mums At Work?

Charlene joined Mums At Work to network with others, connect with them and find a community.

She said, “When you work alone, you don’t have the peers from work encouraging you.

So I wanted to find people who are experiencing the same thing as me and have women supporting women.”

Charlene’s advice for anyone starting their own business is, to not let what others think of you stop you from what you want to do!

She explained, “I was scared of putting myself out there due to criticism. But then I realised, I provide a service for women and their partners who need it. That itself is more important than what other people think.

I said to myself that I need to stop letting other peoples thoughts and opinions of me keep me from providing this service.”

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