Cathy Dempster – Willow Moon Ireland

Cathy Dempster – Willow Moon Ireland

Cathy Dempster is the person behind Cathy Dempster Photography and Willow Moon Ireland.

Based in Country Tyrone, just outside Dungannon, Cathy and is a regular and valuable member of the MAW Network, hosting coffee mornings, attending our networking events, and those of other members.


About Cathy

“I’m Cathy first and foremost. I was going to start with I’ve been married to Bub for 28 years and Mother to Jack (17). But recently I made a conscious decision to not introduce myself as a wife and mother. As much as I love those 2 men to bits, I was Cathy first.
I’m a photographer and artist.

I print my own images, paintings and designs on to slate, ceramic and canvas. I’ve also been known to hand paint jewelry.
Oh and I ride the most amazing Harley Davidson. 


Although I am based in Dungannon, I can supply art anywhere worldwide.”

Cathy works away in a log cabin behind her home. This is where she creates her personalised gifts and sweary mugs.

Cathy is also a fine art photographer and painter. She believes that the best moments and memories should be captured and treasured.

Why Cathy loves her Work

Cathy loves her job as providing customers with a personalised present provides them with something unique that can’t be bought in a large superstore. Her products are mean something to the customer. They have a humorous saying, ore record a moment in time. Photos and scribblings can be set in slate or crystal blocks. As a talented artist, there is no end to the unique ways that Cathy can create a personalised gift, painted, engraved, captured.



This creates a strong bond between Cathy and her customers. Her ideal customers are those that want to buy a thoughtful present for a loved one. It could be to make them laugh, make them feel special or just to make them know they mean the world to their friends and family. Cathy admits she works long hours, but it is worth it to create unique products and to see her happy customers.

Cathy’s Advice for Others

Cathy’s products are in stock in gift shops. Her products are always being recommended by many other members in the MAW Network Community. Her advice to others is to be yourself, trust your instincts and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you.


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Cathy Dempster Photography

Willow Moon Ireland

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