Creating your Weekly Framework

As busy working mums, we can get easily overwhelmed so it is great to put in a framework to the week so that we can achieve a more balanced work / home life. I use google calender to schedule all my tasks but should really try to schedule in the home tasks too so I … Continue reading Creating your Weekly Framework

Strong Teams build success

If you are working as part of a team, it is important to surround yourself with positive people and sometimes you have no control over that. However if you are building a team in your company or if you work alone and need help from others (even family members) the people you surround yourself with … Continue reading Strong Teams build success

Finding the Why…

No matter which business you are in, if you are employed or self employed, it is always best to identify WHY people buy and what will supply your income source.   There are different kinds of customers and there are different kinds of products and services to suit and you need to understand these to … Continue reading Finding the Why…

Announcing our June Belfast Event

Toasting Successful Brands An event for driven mums at all stages of business Mums at Work is a powerful and growing community of like mind mums in business. Our goal is to build a support network built on friendship which helps each of us build our business. We focus on supporting each other both personally … Continue reading Announcing our June Belfast Event

Setting yourself a Target

Setting targets, using a To-Do List, and marking it all off as we achieve it gives us an incredible sense of success. I believe, as working mums, we have to make 3 target lists every week... Sounds hard? No, it will make you feel more confident and like you are making progress. List One: Your … Continue reading Setting yourself a Target

Monday Motivation

As Busy Mums, it is sometimes hard to see why we are working so hard. As women, we feel like we need an excuse to succeed. We shouldn't be ashamed of wanting the best in life. Mummy / Work Guilt is always prevalent but we should push it to the back of our minds and … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Event Space for your Business

  At Mums at Work HQ, we have a fantastic space for hire for evening and weekends. With great parking outside, tea and coffee making facilities, a range of furniture to suit all needs, a projector and screen, this is a perfect low cost venue for a range of business events. Workshops Meetings Presentations Classes … Continue reading Event Space for your Business

Communicating with Your Audience Event

Some photos of our Communicating with your Audience Event at Truffles Randalstown Photos by Tara

Home Based Jobs for Mums

Time for a change in career... So many mums have recently told me that they branched out into self employment after they needed the flexibility to work around their family, mainly by putting the skills they used in their normal job to cater to a niche market.. So cooks become caterers or bakers, and accountants … Continue reading Home Based Jobs for Mums

After 5 Events

Always learning New ThingsEvent organising has been a real learning curve for me. Firstly organising an event takes a lot of hard work and I have learned never to assume people will want to or be able to come. I believe in the events being powerful and a great signpost to help people see where … Continue reading After 5 Events

Brand Basics

My Brand is my voice Mums at Work was a lightbulb moment for me when I realised the need for busy mums to get together and share resources. I didn't know what this looked like, I didn't have a logo, I didn't have a plan. It was a loosely formed concept in my mind. As … Continue reading Brand Basics

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