About Caroline, Owner of Les Papillons

Caroline Dilworth loves to paint however, after a recent surgery on her painting hand, she thought her painting days had come to an end. Luckily Caroline found a way around this and discovered it was possible to paint miniature paintings without any painful side effects. This allowed her to start her business, Les Papillons Painted Jewellery.

Caroline named her business after ‘butterflies’ as she felt her head was always full of them and she would easily go between projects before completely finishing one. She decided to use the French translation after her son, who was studying French thought it sounded better. She then extended the name to further explain her products.

Les Papillons – The Products

Caroline individually paints little places and little faces onto clay and mounts them on to jewellery settings. She can also paint larger canvases up to 20cm to mount into frames. When thinking about what she can do for her customers, Caroline asks herself; “What can I make them that they don’t already have?” and “What can I get for them that is truly special for them?”

When talking about what she loves about her business Caroline said: “It calms me down and give me a rhythm to the day; providing much needed structure and purpose beyond the home.” She loves to paint skies and the natural landscape but has the most fun and satisfaction when painting faces; especially animals. “Pets out-rank and outnumber the people in my home. I have lots of time to paint away at my kitchen table with the dogs and cat at my feet and occasionally with the pony looking in through the window.”

Caroline and her advice for other business women.

Caroline’s job has led to her being able to not only meet some loving and generous customers, but she was able to meet like-minded people online through Mums at Work. She said, “They gave me a jolt of confidence and the encouragement to keep going.” (Join our free group here on Facebook)

When asked what advice she would give to anyone starting their own business she said; “Get your ducks in a row and do it. I started “Les Papillons” on a whim and a learnt how to do it, but it has taken four years of blunders to get it together. Find nice people to help. Keep asking questions and if at first you don’t succeed try, try again!”


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