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CAR SALES NEW & USED Contact: Jolene Flanagan
Work 7 derrynoyd lane Draperstown Magherafelt Draperstown Work LONDONDERRY BT45 7EX United Kingdom Cell Phone: 07912581830


HI Everyone!

My Name is Jolene (Jo is fine too) I am one half of P mcKenna Motors – the other half is my Dad Peter.

We are a family run business established almost 40 years ago by my Dad, with me joining him in 2008.  During this time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of the various vehicle manufacturers the models they have to offer and  of course the choice and quality that they offer.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and also customer safety!  It is really important to us that every vehicle we put on the road has been thoroughly maintained throughout it’s life and goes through a full service and full check over before being handed over to it’s new owner.

Originally we were of course mainly a word of mouth business built on reputation, so we take pride in the fact that most of those customers have stuck with us and take it as testimonial of not only the good quality vehicles we have on offer but also our customer service.  Repeat customers  mean a lot to us and we know they are hard to get! so we make sure and look after each customer we ever have the pleasure of doing business with.

We always welcome new customers and endeavour to provide you with the kind of customer satisfaction that is going to have you coming back to us for years!

As part of our car sales business we have always sourced cars in to specific needs & wants of customers and so since 2015 we have really expanded on this and have found our #carsourcing4you  scheme a very successful process.

We are continuously sourcing vehicles for customers which sometimes do not even make it on to website so if you are interested in a vehicle and don’t see anything on our website please do not hesitate to call us.


We also run a Fleet management service for Businesses & Companies which entails supplying & maintaining their vehicles as well as keeping on top of MOT / RFL/ Etc

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6 smart questions to ask your used car dealer

1. How long can you take the used vehicle for a test drive? Before you start talking price with the dealer, make sure the used vehicle you are considering meets your needs by taking it for a proper test drive.

2. Does the dealer have any demos for sale? If you are looking for a used vehicle that’s almost new, a dealer demonstrator — or demo, new vehicles used for test drives — may be an option.

3. Where did the used vehicle come from? Used cars can come from a variety of sources: directly from new car dealer trade-ins or demos (see above); from auctions (either wholesale or within a dealer franchise network); from rental car fleets; and from other new car dealers.

4. Has the dealer done any service on the used vehicle? Some used cars can sit for weeks and months on a dealer lot. So, regardless of the service history of the used vehicle you are considering, the current dealer may have had to do some repairs or scheduled maintenance since the car or truck originally arrived in their hands.

5. Does the dealer offer in-house financing? While most new car franchise dealers offer manufacturer-backed financing, many used car dealers don’t have that type of service.

6. Will your dealer take your existing car as a trade-in? If you currently own a car or truck and want to get rid of it, ask your dealer if they’ll take it as a trade-in. Not only does this help pay for your potential new-to-you car, it also saves you the hassle of trying to sell your existing vehicle on your own.


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