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Jill Gordon

Business Owner Complete Mind Solutions
Work 43 Bishops Court Road kilclief County Down Downpatrick County Down BT30 7PB Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07894957017 Website: Complete Mind Solutions


Jill Gordon is the owner and founder of Complete Mind Solutions, the responsible approach to mental wellbeing. She provides support and guidance to businesses, community/voluntary organisations and individuals, relating to mental health and wellbeing. 

Services include Mental Health Risk Assessment for the Workplace, Development and Implementation of a Workplace Mental Health Strategy, Training for Line Managers and staff, personal development programmes, suicide prevention and intervention, and support with perinatal mental health.

Jill launched Complete Mind Solutions at the beginning of 2020 to help ease the frustration she felt surrounding mental well-being in the workplace. She has supported a large number of people struggling with their mental health in the workplace and could see the little things that could have made such a big difference for them at the time. She felt most of the issues came from a lack of empathy, understanding and awareness from managers or HR.

Over many years she has researched and studied what she could provide to help. As quite a practical person, it had to have rules and regulations behind it (She admits to being a bit of a health and safety freak too). What came naturally to her and made sense was the combination of her passion to support people with mental health problems and illness, and the Health and Safety Management Standards. These two things provided a foundation to design and develop services for a business or organisation of any size. 

Jill firmly believes a risk assessment is absolutely vital in terms of managing and controlling stress at work as it is a primary,  preventative approach as early intervention is key.

The lack of parity between mental and physical health is what drives and motivates Jill in business. She wants all employers in Northern Ireland to take mental health seriously.

As well as Complete Mind Solutions, Jill is an ASIST trainer. (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). Not only does she train others to intervene in a suicide crisis but is quite involved in suicide prevention as well as intervention too within her local community. She would like to see all workplaces in NI having people trained in ASIST. Jill is a current Board Member of a charity in Northern Ireland – Suicide Down to Zero.

Jill also provides peer support  in relation to perinatal mental health. She is an accredited 3 Step Rewind Practitioner and is passionate about helping others to ease their negative thoughts and memories around pregnancy, childbirth and the months following birth. 

Outside of work, apart from spending time with her children, Jill advises her favourite thing to do in life is laugh (usually at herself). She also loves to read, tidying things and eat 😊

4 Reasons why you might need a Business Consultant

  1. Business Consultants Save You Time and Money

Without a business consultant, you may be relying on trial and error to move forward. This can be a costly way to learn, especially if you make expensive mistakes. You may also be spending hours on research before making business decisions. This can be very time-consuming and can delay decision-making.

A business consultant has the expertise and knowledge to help you strategically plan, make decisions and grow your business. You remain in the driver’s seat, but a consultant furnishes you with the knowledge and insights you need, freeing you up to focus on your business.

  1. A Business Consultant Can Help You Plan for the Future

In the day-to-day operations of your company, are you losing sight of your long-term goals? A business consultant can help you step back and create strategies for expansion and growth years from now, ensuring you are focused on the future. Since business consultants have worked with larger companies, they know what it takes to get to the next level.

  1. A Business Consultant Can Prime You to Take Advantage of Opportunities

Do you have the strategies and processes in place to notice new opportunities? If your product or service suddenly takes off, do you have a plan in place to deliver them to a much larger number of customers without losing reputation or cutting corners? A business consultant can help you create processes so you stay alert to opportunities. They can also help you develop strategies you can initiate immediately to maximize opportunities and sudden growth as it occurs.

  1. Business Consultants Give You an Objective View

Business consultants can give you a third-party view of your business and an honest evaluation of operations. This objective view can help you with future planning and can help you find the mistakes or issues that may be holding you back from true success.

Why You Need a Small-Business Consultant Today

Whether you own a new company or an established business that’s hoping to grow even more, a business consultant can help. This is the right time to hire a business consultant. You can always use an objective, experienced view and solid plans for your company.

If you need consulting services for your business, please feel free to contact some of our members who will be happy to help. 

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