About Breathe NI

Breathe NI was launched by our member Glenda Burns. Breathe NI is a new social enterprise in Northern Ireland. It is aimed at helping people whose parenting is affected by previous trauma they have experienced.
Breathe NI provides a small range of services to support people who are aware. or suspect, that past trauma is influencing their parenting. The aim is to help parents be the parent that they want to be.

Breathe NI aims to offer the following services:

Breathe Calm

Firstly, Breathe Calm will offer a range of workshops and courses aimed at helping people recognise how trauma/abuse may be affecting their parenting. Then we will teach you ways to manage this, developing coping strategies and parenting skills. We want to help you be the parent you want to be.
Breathe Calm has two different levels; Courses aimed at the general public who feel that they would like some support in this area; and those who are currently receiving help for trauma related conditions via the NHS or privately. (e.g. PTSD, Complex-PTSD, depression, anxiety etc).

Breathe Free

Breathe Free will be a monthly support group for parents in recovery from trauma. Or for those who would just like a bit of solidarity with this topic. This is not a counselling space, it will be a group that focuses on lifting up and supporting people in becoming their best selves despite such adversity. Sessions will be a mix of informal support and talking. They will be themed sessions that provide insights and demonstrations into numerous self-care and coping methods. All along with a bit of fun where appropriate in a safe environment with like-minded people.

Breathe Active

Breathe Active will be a monthly activity group that will use activity therapy as a means to soothe and stimulate both the mind and body. Activity therapy covers physical, mental, cognitive and social activities so there will be a huge range of things offered! Sessions are tailored to the group’s interests, abilities and input. It’s about having a place to relax and have fun while getting the ongoing support or camaraderie you may crave.

Breathe Back

Breathe Back (launching 2020/2021) – Breathe Back is about breaking the cycle of the long-term effects of childhood trauma or abuse. It will provide a small funding opportunity to a child who has recently experienced significant trauma or abuse. Therefore, they are able to access private mental health support as soon as possible. This is while they are on a waiting list for either NHS or charitable assistance. As a result, Breathe sees early intervention as an essential element to recovery. Breathe Back is supported by both Breathe and local businesses or organisations concerned with helping their communities.
Finally, please get in touch If you would like to get more information. We would love people to collaborate with Breathe NI on any programmes.  Register your interest for any of the above initiatives please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Breathe NI Can be found on the Mums at Work Directory

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