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Contact: Jemma Buntin
Work Unit 3, 1a Rushmore Drive Lisburn Co Antrim Lisburn Bt28 2hn Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07702306765 Website: Website: Booking link


Welcome to SKIN CULT!  S

My name is Jemma Buntin and  I am the Owner and Skin Specialist at Skin Cult, just outside Lisburn.

I followed my dream once I turned 30 and took the jump to retrain in Beauty, completing my NVQs at College at night.

I opened my first Beauty Bar in 2015 JEMSTONES, where I now have 2 Nail & Beauty Specialists working for me.

My heart was drawn to the skincare side of beauty.  And my passion for Skin led me to open up my skin clinic in 2018.

I now work with clients in my clinic who want to improve their skin and improve their confidence.

The main treatments I specialise in are Microdermabrasion,  Dermaplaning and Micro-Needling.  I know these treatments inside out, sndceach one is completely customised to meet my clients skins needs at the time.

I work with my own Clinical skin care brand in my Clinic which I launched in 2019.  Skin Cult Skincare Range.  This product line is packed with active ingredients, created to meet the needs of my real life clients!  It is a Costmecutical brand which is why it delivers results.


I offer the full ‘Skin Package’ for my clients.  Professional in-salon treatments, prescribed Clinical products for home homecare & lots of help, advice ,&  support for achieving their  skincare goals.  I love seeing clients confidence improve as see the improvements.

Starting Your Own Beauty Business

  1. Decide what you want to sell – are you going to make your own product or use a range? Are you going to sell services and products?
  2. Where are you going to find customers? Are you exhibiting at events, selling on social media or using a space where there is footfall?
  3. How are you going to promote your products and services? Do you need a website, and which social media platform will you use?
  4. Pricing is key. Don’t forget to include your time for all your business tasks! Set a target for sales and services.
  5. Being authentic – Promote products that you use and believe in.
  6. Gathering testimonials – getting third party referrals is key.
  7. Set boundaries so you have a routine that suits you. Especially if you work from home.
  8. Take a deposit up front for your services if you provide appointments to reduce the chance of cancellations and time wasted.
  9. Have a good voicemail directing customers to a booking site so it works for you when you are providing treatments.
  10. Brand yourself so that you look professional, don’t forget you are a business and don’t waste opportunities for up selling.

Top Tips – Make sure your business is listed with Google my Business to that local people who are searching for your products and services find you – and it is completely free to just go ahead and put yourself and your services on Google Maps (you don’t need to put in your house number if you want to give a level of privacy)

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