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Work 2 Waringfield Drive Moira Armagh BT670FB Cell Phone: 07889652434


Hello Everyone, My name is Linzi & Mum of 1 to 20month old Jaxson. My business idea was visualised back in 2015 when I sadly lost my 52 year old mother to breast cancer just 2 years after my mother in law. I spent countless days pencilling in brows, in between treatments when brows were literally nonexistent. My mother’s famous words, “I don’t care about my bald head, it’s All About The Brows!”

Those words forever stuck in my head, along with the images of happiness after I had drew them on for her.

Unfortunately at that time Semi Permanent Makeup waiting lists at the city hospital were long, my mother was never well enough to avail of such brow treatments. But shortly after that, Semi Permanent Makeup took on a steady presence in the beauty market.

It was being recognised as a luxury treatment, saving professional working mums 20 minutes in the morning, where we’d draw our brows on at 6.30am only to notice at lunchtime during our toilet break that they were uneven, too dark or sweated off during the early morning rush hour.

It can also be offered to patients, 2 weeks prior to any chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It provides sports ladies the comfort of working out with makeup, at those 6am boot camps. Waking up with makeup for that 3am flight for your summer break. The lists are endless.

So eventually pregnancy gave me the kick start I needed. After years of working with offenders and later Ulster University, I took the plunge to study again during my pregnancy. (Yes, Everyone Thought I Was Mad! regular rush hour commutes to Dublin) And here we are today. Almost 2 years later. A fully qualified, insured and experienced brow artist. With numerous masterclasses and trainings under my belt.

Ive been working part time up until now, but wish to add to my current clientele and grow my business in the next few years. I have more recently opened my second business, Moira Fibroblast Clinic, that is also going from strength to strength. Specialising in the new plasma skin tightening therapy, a non invasive alternative to going under the knife.

We are after all in a new generation of ladies, that pride themselves in their appearances, like to treat themselves & love to feel good.

“Be Chic, Be Fantastic, As Every Lady Deserves A Little Luxury”

Linzi x

Starting Your Own Beauty Business

  1. Decide what you want to sell – are you going to make your own product or use a range? Are you going to sell services and products?
  2. Where are you going to find customers? Are you exhibiting at events, selling on social media or using a space where there is footfall?
  3. How are you going to promote your products and services? Do you need a website, and which social media platform will you use?
  4. Pricing is key. Don’t forget to include your time for all your business tasks! Set a target for sales and services.
  5. Being authentic – Promote products that you use and believe in.
  6. Gathering testimonials – getting third party referrals is key.
  7. Set boundaries so you have a routine that suits you. Especially if you work from home.
  8. Take a deposit up front for your services if you provide appointments to reduce the chance of cancellations and time wasted.
  9. Have a good voicemail directing customers to a booking site so it works for you when you are providing treatments.
  10. Brand yourself so that you look professional, don’t forget you are a business and don’t waste opportunities for up selling.

Top Tips – Make sure your business is listed with Google my Business to that local people who are searching for your products and services find you – and it is completely free to just go ahead and put yourself and your services on Google Maps (you don’t need to put in your house number if you want to give a level of privacy)

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