Business and the Law of Attraction

Law of attraction can simply be a way of thinking and living. It is when what you visualize in your mind and with emotions can become a reality. When you use law of attraction in your business or life, you visualize yourself in the place you want to be and will attract the necessary things you need to get there.

How can they be applied to your business. Here are some ideas:

What do you want?

To being applying the law of attraction in your business, you need to determine what you want. If you cant visualize your dreams, you don’t know what they are. So you should be specific about what you want from your business.


Visualization creates a personal vibration that the law of attraction responds to. You should try to envision yourself, every day as being successful in your business. Do this by being specific such as receiving a phone call, finding new clients. By imaging you have achieved what you want, you will heighten your awareness to the opportunities that will get you there.

Believe It’s Yours

The law of attraction says you need to accept those things that come your way because of your attraction. To use the law of attraction in your business, overcome any doubts and trust that you will attract what you want and when the goals and achievements come, you must accept that they are YOURS. You must believe that you deserve them because if you don’t, this can attract negative attention to your business.

Be Careful of Negative Thoughts

If you focus too much on negative things, you will send out a negative vibration. If you keep positive you shouldn’t attract business failures or frustration.


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