Advertising on The Mums at Work App

Advertising on The Mums at Work App

Are you interested in Advertising on The Mums at Work App – maybe you have an exciting new service, event or product you want to broadcast to lots of people (mainly women or business women)

And maybe you are sick of trying to be visible on social media – this is why advertising on the Mums at Work App is much more effective – your information goes straight into the hands of our users! No more fighting with algorithms – just reach customers instantly!

This service is available for Mums at Work VIP Members.

Mums at Work VIP Membership is £4.20 per month.. become a member here…

Or if you are a company who wants to post an offer / event / program / course, the advertising cost is only £20. This is especially effective if your target audience consists of:

  • Women
  • Families
  • Business Women
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Women building their businesses

So this can include all sorts of categories:

  • Things women love to do – reading, relaxing, beauty, shopping, gifts, etc
  • Family based activities from days out to holidays, the list is endless!
  • Business Women courses, webinars, events, company team building, expert advice, training etc
  • Start up essentials for any kind of businesses

Fill in the form below to submit your offer.. If you are a company with a single offer, we will send you an invoice to pay before publishing your offer!


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