Advertise in our Xmas Gift Guide

Xmas Gift Guide

Advertise in our Xmas Gift Guide and get your products right in front of the Mums at Work network members, subscribers and followers across all social media platforms

All you have to do is fill in this form.

Mums at Work VIP Members advertise free of charge, non vip members pay £5.99 per advert!

Learn more about our membership here. Learn more about Mums at Work here. 


Places where we will be advertising the Xmas Gift Guide include:

The Mums at Work Network Facebook Page – followers

The Mums at Work Network Group – 4300 members

The Mums at Work VIP Group – 400 members

The Mums at Work Instagram Page – 9200 followers

Mums at Work on Linkedin

Mums at Work on Twitter

Our Blog here with 69000 hits!

Our email subscribers – over 6000

Our online App with over 1000 downloads

How much would you pay in social media advertising to reach this amount of people?

Our deadline is 1st December so fill in the form to advertise in our Xmas Gift Guide! 

Firstly fill in the form.

Secondly, you will be able to upload an image.

Thirdly after we receive it, we will check we have all the details and that the file quality is good.

Fourthly, we will place it in our gift guide and send you a draft of it to ensure you are happy.

Finally we go to publish on 2nd December and start to distribute across all our social media channels!

How to join The Mums At Work Network:

Firstly join our Facebook Group for Female Business Owners – The Mums at Work Network Group

Secondly, find us also on Instagram and see all of our top tips, events, featured members and more!

Most importantly, you can also download the Mums at Work App from The Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore and get updates and top tips straight into your hand.

Finally, if you are interested in joining our network, read more about it here, or visit our membership area.



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