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To add your courses to our site, first fill in the form below. There is no upfront cost to use our platform..

What do you need?

  • A PayPal account to accept payments.
  • Information that other people need.
  • You can upload information as an eBook but don’t worry if you are not able to, you can simply add in the course information with images, videos, quizzes and assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I qualify for this platform?

If you have skills or knowledge that others know (from cookie recipes and knitting patterns) to software know – how, we would love to hear from you to add your course (s) to our site. Any skills that relate to you, and information unique to you is welcome.


How Much Does it Cost to add my courses? 

No upfront cost. Simply fill in the form below and I personally will send you step by step instructions of what to do next. You can upload all your course from our front end user dashboard. There is a commission fee to Mums at Work but this is only payable if your content sells. We will send you information on how this works.


I am not very technical. If I send you the information, can you add my courses for me? 

Absolutely. This is no problem at all – there is an admin fee for this of £40, payable by credit or debit card. I will send you all the information you need.


Do I need to be a VIP Member of Mums at Work to add my course?  

No, this opportunity is open to all female business owners, entrepreneurs and hobbyists. MAW VIP Members can access their free resources via this platform.


Can I only sell my course to other females? 

No, you are welcome to sell your information and content to anyone. All your products are available for purchase publicly to anyone, and we are working hard behind the scenes on SEO and google analytics to make sure they are found online. You can use this platform to build courses for your groups, your customers, your friends, your subscribers and event attendees. However we also market your courses in our group of female business owners and on our social media platforms where we are followed by a predominately female audience.

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