Goals and Consistency

At first, consistency can seem boring because it lacks excitement. However, when you look closely, you will see it is not that boring, because it is the secret to achieving your goals. Consistency creates patterns and patterns create habits. Good habits set you up for success. So it makes sense that goals and consistency go hand in hand. Read more on how to achieve your goals.

Consistency is when you repeat the same behaviours repeatedly and without exceptions. It is the opposite of irregular behaviour and creates powerful habits. You need to be regular and patient to be consistent. Many ‘would be’ entrepreneurs lack this and are therefore unlikely to succeed in winning the trust of their customers.

Any goals that you believe are worth achieving demands regular and consistent efforts. Woody Allen said, “80% of success in life is just showing up.” Look at Queen Elizabeth II, she has shown up for over half a century for the UK during both the good and bad times.  On paper she has been called “Elizabeth the Great.”

However, greatness only come when efforts are consistent. Daily efforts will create habits that make it easier to achieve your goals. Occasionally you will need to make exceptions and miss out, but one way to avoid this is to plan your day as far in advance as you can. Putting this plan on your wall along with a list of the most important daily behaviours will help you take those important, consistent steps to achieve your goals.

Even if you don’t reach your goals, you have become a better you because you did what you planned to. Consistency creates patterns and good habits and good habits help you reach your goals.


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