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Being an Employed Mother…

I followed the path in life that I wanted and went to University after school. By the time I had finished, I had 2 children and was married. Undeterred I got a job as a supervisor and worked my way up to Manager positions by the time I was 25, I was married and had 3 children under 5. Work and family life went hand in hand. For most people it is normal; not easy but normal..
But as a manager, I quickly realised that your position as a manager is almost expected to come first priority in life – above the importance of my family. My marriage ended by the time I was 30, and one of the factors was that family life had suffered by the lack of quality family time. Days off were interrupted by constant phone calls to the extent that our managing director wanted to know why the most called number on the bill was my mobile number. Alarm calls interrupted the nights, sick staff needed covered and there was no break. Stress was awful and there was no holidays, days off or respite from the demand.
Back in 2006 just before self employment


My Dad
Me and My dad at my Graduation in 1997 – he died at the age of 54 years and it had a devastating effect on me. He was my world. In his short and wonderful life, he taught me the value of humour, a great work ethic, responsibility, and determination. 
The Year After my Father Died, I went on a trek to the Great Wall of China with 30 wonderful women from all over the UK who were cancer survivors or who had been touched by Cancer. It was a great reminder that life is short and we only have once chance at happiness and success. 
my lot
My 7 Children aged from 6 to 22 years
swift team
The Wedding Decor Company www.swiftservices.biz that I own with my husband Chris. 

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