All about Mums at Work!

Mums at Work was founded in 2018 by Sinead Norton, mum of 7 children and successful wedding business owner. After being in business for 12 years, Sinead found that there were many challenges faced by many women in business. For example, many of the women worked alone, at home, or struggled with many of the tasks and balancing that comes with working as a sole trader.

in December 2018, Sinead started a small Facebook Group for the women she knew in her area who were working alone, to come together to help and support each other. An event was organised to get these women together in January 2019. About 35 women came together to hear each other’s business journeys and to share tips and advice.

Women Supporting Women

At the event it was clear that while many of the women shared many similar problems (mainly keeping up with social media, learning to do their own accounting, creating customer systems and more) there were other women who specialised in these areas who could help the others.

As a result, the concept was born of the Mums at Work Network, and with regular events. The first networking event was a great success. We hosted many successful networking events through 2019, with free coffee mornings, evening networking events and online training. In 2020, we moved these to online, connecting women all over the world.

Consequently, many of the women joined forced to collaborate on their own events, product combinations and referred each other to existing clients, all built on relationships forged online and through the networking events.

Your Mums at Work Journey

Firstly, please join our Free Facebook Group. We have over 4000 women in our group! Secondly, register as a member to get access to lots of FREE Resources. These will help you on your business / career journey. Thirdly, come along to our online networking events and meet other women in business. Finally, register as a Mums at Work VIP Member to register on the directory and to gain the other member privileges. Above all, we would love to have you!

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