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The MAW Network is a Female Community for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.


Joining The MAW Network, you instantly form connections with other motivated women who want to see you achieve your goals. MAW’s membership is as diverse as the women, made up of business owners, entrepreneurs, and female professionals. Our female business community is unique as we provide online support and support at local events and networking meet ups. Connect with us on Facebook


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Join our Network and make a commitment to take your business to the next level. We know that networking is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate new business. Our female business community is driven by our determination to success and help each other achieve success and reach goals. Third party referral and word of mouth recommendation is the fastest and most cost-effective way of building your business, so we invite you to join us. Our online networking group has over 3700 members, most of whom are based in Northern Ireland.  The MAW Network group grows daily with so many women who are able to avail of help, assistance and support. 


Female Business Community

Guest Speakers at an Event with Mums at Work Founder, Sinead Norton


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Best value on Events & Workshops, Advertising, & Opportunities within our Female Business Community:


As you participate with MAW regularly, you’ll start to form real, lasting business connections that result in more referrals, leads, and clients. As a member, you’ll receive a discount code for events and workshops, advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Become a featured member, advertise at our events, offer our community a preferred rate for your services and products. We want to help you because with your success, we also achieve success. So think about joining us because we are committed to helping each other. 

Inclusion in our public online directory:


Our female business community members and non-members alike use our public online directory whenever they are looking to refer or hire female professionals in a particular field. You can add a bio, multiple categories, photos of yourself and products and logos. It’s the easiest way to be able to find and refer each other.

Instantly grow your network when you become a member:

When you join, you immediately tap into a “circle of support” by gaining entry to our VIP Members Club, smaller group of women who share your values. We want to know you, your business, and what we can do to help you succeed. 

Our platform provides members with the ability to connect with each other online. Members of our female business community collaborate so they can help each other with connect with shared audiences. This way they reach each other’s audiences and fans. We help them set new goals, reach new targets and gain new customers. 

Practical ways we can help female business owners and entrepreneurs:


  • Join our online networking group and take part in our daily posts (this is free to join)
  • Promote yourself as a VIP Member in this fantastic platform – this is only £49.99 / year
  • Add your details to our online directory as a VIP Member (included in the yearly fee of £49.99) and improve your SEO
  • Once you are a VIP Member, you also have access to free online digital marketing resources in our membership area
  • Attend our Networking Events which are designed to inspire and motivate you, and to help you realise new goals and ways to elevate your business, brand, products and services. 
  • As a VIP Member, you also can also access our VIP Members Only Group and ask others in our Female Business Community  for advice and support


MAW Network Membership

Women in Business Working Together for Success! 

As Women together in Business, we are keen to support and help each member grow their business geometrically. After members introduce themselves, let others know what they do, they become familiar with each other. As they watch each other grow and succeed, they naturally wish to refer them to friends, family members and customers. When one member refers another, it is only natural to return the favour, when the opportunity arises. There is no “referral pressure.” Each member can provide a third party testimonial for another member and provide a genuine and real life recommendation.