5 Tips on Setting Realistic Business Goals

It can be difficult to find the middle ground when setting business goals. When you set goals too high, you can become discouraged. But if you set them too low, this can become boring.

Here are 5 Tips on Setting Realistic Business Goals:

  1. What do you want?

Take some time to think about this, write it down and don’t hold back on the possibilities. You need to determine what you want.

  1. Assess your list

Look at what you have wrote, now make a sub-list of the steps you need to take to get there. If there are some things on your list that you can’t take steps to achieve it, then it needs to be changed or removed.

  1. Strategize

Now you need to develop the strategies to get those items on your list. If you are able to see what is necessary to achieve them, this will help you decide on whether to pursue it.

You may see that the strategy is doable, but for personal reasons you don’t want to take those steps. That is fine because it is your list. Don’t judge yourself, because your reasons will help cross things off the list and narrow it down.

  1. Timeline

Look at how quickly you may need things to happen. Determine if this is something you need this month, or is it a long-term goal? On your final list, write down your timeline – and if something cannot be achieved in your given time, then it doesn’t belong on your list.

  1. Know yourself

Determining your strengths and weaknesses is key to succeeding. Sometimes we under or overestimate what we can do. Neither of these are likely to be true. You should ask other what they think you can see you doing. Bring out another list and write these down along with what YOU think you can do. This list will show the skills and qualities that can be directed into helping your business succeed.

These 5 Tips on Setting Realistic Business Goals can help narrow down your goals and keep them realistic and reachable.

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