Doreen Ritchie changed the direction of her life two and a half years ago after becoming a Life and Executive Coach. She now has her own practice in East Belfast and helps people from all walks of life change their lives for the better. Her services include a 1-1 coaching of course, workshops with companies on Mental Health issues, and also talks about changing your thinking to improve your mental health. You can complete these in East Belfast at Source Wellbeing Centre or in Doreen’s home therapy room. However, if you are unable to get to these, she can also coach people through Zoom or Skype.

“I help people who are stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy change their personal or professional lives for the better…through powerful 1-1 coaching, and through teaching them a different way to think about their life experience.”

Doreen’s ideal customer is anyone who feels stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in their personal or professional lives, and wants to change their lives for the better. She can help those suffering from a number of things such as lack of confidence, experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression.  Doreen wants to help anyone who would like to change to be more positive.

“I live for the feeling I get when I see someone have and insight or realisation about how their mind works, knowing that they will never go back to their old way of thinking and that they have now clarity and control over their lives.”

Doreen loves the feeling she has when she receives feedback about how different her customers lives now are, without issues they once had, and how they are now happy. She also keeps in touch with a lot of her ex-clients to hear about how their lives just keep improving.

If she had to change anything about her business, Doreen would like greater access to more people to enable her to increase in client numbers, have greater visibility and for people and employers to know how important an investment in their mental fitness is.

Doreen’s advice to anyone starting off with their own business is “Just go for it! Follow whatever makes your heart sing!”

Outside of her business, Doreen has also co-authored a book called ‘Activate Your Life Vol II’ which was a project with twenty-nine other coaches from round the globe and was published in December. In addition to this, she runs a course called ‘Change your Mind – Change your Life’ at Queen’s University.

Doreen has a love for Italy and travels there often. So, in her spare time she cooks Italian food for her Italian partner from Naples. She also likes to read a lot as well and go to visit her three sons and their families. She also networks a lot which is how she heard about Mums at Work. Since then she has collaborated with H N Consultants ltd. whose Directors are members of MAW.

Doreen will be doing another talk on ‘Your Mind Matters’ on 11th March in Lisburn Enterprise Centre, in their Health and Wellbeing morning, and one in Craigavon on 5th.

Her course at Queens University, “Change your Mind – Change your Life” will start in April through to May.

The book she co-authored, “Activate Your Life Vol II” is available on Amazon.